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After breaking the ZNA lite story back during Vape Bash - There have been tons of people clamoring - wanting one. Well if your going to be in Miami for the World Vape Expo - Perfection Vapes will have some to sell. They will be the only vendor their with these mods and a few extra surprises I was told not to talk about. It will be very exciting!

A ton of people are going to the expo - so you better get to their table early ;)


You're not going to want to miss World Vapor Expo in Miami Beach this weekend! Open to the public on the 7th and 8th!

Get your tickets now at http://worldvaporexpo.com and be sure to stop on by the Perfection Vapes booth for some amazing NEW surprises from ZEN~ at House of Hybrids!

We will be featuring the ZNA, releasing the new ZNA Lite, and we'll also be bringing the new "Made in America" Z2.2 Mechanical PV's! As an extra bonus, we'll also be bringing a small quantity of our first exclusive "Perfection Patina" Z2.2 Mechanicals with us!

First come first serve, we'll be releasing LIMITED amounts of these devices on BOTH days, don't miss out!

We'll also have Scott Carson, aka Scottua, the maker of "The Copper" with us! He's just released his next batch of 18650 and 26650's and he may have a few other goodies that have yet to see the light of day!

Click here to get this Deal!...

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