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Gaming & Flavours?


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When you are gaming do you have a different flavour depending on what game it is your playing?
Personally i don't but was just curious as to if any of you guys did?


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Sometimes I vape a real bad flavor while playing that is called "dry burnt hit" because I'm not paying attention to how much I drip or I just drip all over the place and miss the RDA or mod altogether. I tend to knock over and or lose my vape or juice while playing too. Or the cats or dog knock it over.
I am usually lying on the couch playing with a laptop so when I lose the vape or juice, it is a PITA to find it wherever I laid or dropped it to. Just out of reach under the couch. lol


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When I play skyrim Im reminded of the cherry citrus game fuel that had a while back might try to diy something like that.


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I like to vape Peaches & Cream,Tmaxx and Adams Apple from the VT Store, Black Label line no frills while playing.
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This is an interesting thread! =] I do vape different flavours according to mood and my mood depends on what game I will play so suppose I do :)

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I like dessert flavours when i game because i usually game at night. My favourite combo is Rainbow Six Siege and Medusa chapter 2. Medusa is pineapple spongecake and toffee. The exhale is to die for.


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Ooommm I dont vape when I play games like csgo or wow
But on casual games , I pref Five Pawns

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i prefer clean distinct flavors like Epitome's Cucumber Mint or Zen's blueberry or peach salt nics with casual games like Slay the Spire or Surviving Mars

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