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Good mtl build for bf single coil

Invisible Rasta

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Hello guys, i am quite enjoying my new cthulu 1928 and i have been thinking to get myself a bf squonker mod. As of now i built myself a 2 core 30awg ni80 wrapped with 38awg ni80 it comes at 0,70ohm , i vape it at 16watts and im quite loving it on my regulated device. I have been looking for squonkers and the cheap ones like the squeezer bf 20700 are mechanical. i wonder if this resistance would be good for a mech too. And if it is not what kind of mtl resistance should i go for

Jimi D

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I enjoy 30 awg Nichrome. I do a 6 wrap 2.5 mm coil. The resistance is 1.13 ohm in my Hornet. I like my vapor on the cool side. I’m a heavy pg user.


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Like single coil builds too. Don't go below around 0.20 myself. I use single battery cell mechanical squonkers mainly. My preferred range for coils is 0.30 to 0.50. Don't have any real issues with that. Some would suggest lower ohm builds. If you want that, have it. I know what I enjoy and am fine using. Hope I've helped.

Side note: I don't like 0.20 or lower builds. For myself, they seem to vape too hot. Plus you end draining your battery charge all that more quickly. It just doesn't seem to suit my vaping preferences. But, everyone likes different things. :)
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Starting to work on microclaptons. These 2×32/38 N80 coils measure just over 1-ohm with a 2.5mm ID

I only want it to taste amazing. Is that too much to ask?

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