Good source for drip tips?


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Looking to pick up some 510 drip tips. Noting fancy or expensive. Something like below. Just basic drip tips. Outside of the slow boat from China are their any good sources? Seems like most sites are always sold out. And any of the sellers on ebay with a reasonable selection have much suspect feedback.

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I use crispy caps

If I’m looking for something special for a certain rda I’ll look at signature tips, trinity glass or DHD. Usually I stick with crispy though; they are priced nicely and fast.

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I don’t know if you thought about using Amazon. I just searched for drip tips on there and they have a good amount to choose from and they have really good reviews. Saw a lot for $3-$6.


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I like to go into my local brick and mortar. I like looking at the new equipment, new juices, Etc. Although I do not like the prices there and chances are other than the occasional juice purchase I am not going to buy anything there. So just to help support my local economy I buy a drip tip. They have an Old Fashioned apothecary jug with half moon drip tip Imaging on the front. They are $9.99. And it is my understanding that half moon is it good company for accessories and mods as well. So that's my way of giving back to the community to buy a half moon drip tip during my trip to the local brick and mortar. They are by the way nice drip tips.

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