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Guide for Pre-Built Coils Beginner

In general, heating elements are devices that convert electric current into heat. The amount of heat that is released in such a process depends on the current and electrical resistance of the conductor. Heating elements in e-cigarettes are usually made of resistance wires of various types. These include alloys such as kanthal, stainless steel, nichrome and pure metals: nickel or titanium.

Resistance wire introduction
1. What is the resistance heating wire?
Resistance wire is wire intended for making electrical resistors (which are used to control the amount of current in a circuit). It is better if the alloy used has a high resistivity, since a shorter wire can then be used. In many situations, the stability of the resistor is of primary importance, and thus the alloy's temperature coefficient of resistivity and corrosion resistance play a large part in material selection.

2. Vape Wire / Coils Types
Today popular heating coils include Kanthal(FeCrAl) A1, NiCHROME(Ni80), Nickel(Ni200),Titanium (Ti), and the most popular stainless steel (SS). There is also a G-Plat Wire, a competition-grade hot wire, which is extremely soft and has big smoke and is relatively expensive.
When talking about vape wire size, vapers are referring to gauge, the actual diameter of the wire. Most popular gauges that vapers use are 32, 30, 28, 26, 24, and 22 – a majority of vape coils, even the most eccentric ones, can be built with these. The corresponding wire diameter is 24G=0.5mm, 26G=0.4mm, 28G=0.32mm, 30G=0.25mm and 32G=0.2mm.

When making resistance wire, we usually use the parameters of the heating wire diameter (generally less than 1mm), coils diameter (2mm or so), wraps.
For example: A1, 0.2, 3.0, 8, 1.5 ohms. This means that A1 wire with 0.2 mm in diameter, 8 wraps around a 3.0 mm diameter, giving a resistance of 1.5 ohms.

3. Kanthal A1
The popular Kanthal A1 is an iron-chromium alloy heating wire that contains 5% nickel. Compared with the previous 2080 nickel-chromium wire, A1 is more durable, and the energy conversion is more efficient. Tests show that, under the same resistance, A1 coils can provide more smoke, brighter color and higher heat-resistant temperature and more stable.

4. The thickness of the heating wire, the number of windings around, what is the impact on the size of the smoke?
The same length of heating wire, the more fine the wire resistance, the smaller the same amount of power, the smoke will be slightly less. The same type of heating wire, the larger the diameter of the winding, the higher the resistance, the greater the number of turns, the greater the resistance, the smaller the same power, the less smoke will be generated. But this is not the only measure of smoke size. The power of the battery box, the amount of oil introduced by the oil guide, and the VG content of the smoke oil all affect the size of the smoke. At some point, there is no difference between thick and thin threads, and the choice of thickness is only due to their own needs and production needs. As long as the thick wire wound more turns, it can reach the resistance of the filament.
5. What is a single shot and what is a double shot?
A single double shot refers to the number of heating wires installed on the nebulizer. By increasing the number of heating wires, the contact area when atomizing the smoke of the heating wire is changed, so that larger smoke can be produced. Newbie recommends starting with a single shot.
In the production of atomizers, the wire winding methods include intermittent winding, side-by-side, twisted wire, and twisted wire, in addition to tight winding and unwinding. These wire winding methods have different shapes and perform differently on the atomizer. Try different methods, experience a lot, and die a lot. There will be miracles when you die.

6. What is pressure regulating wire and what is temperature control wire?
Some electronic poles/electronic boxes contain power mode and temperature control mode. Nowadays, most people call the mode of pressure regulation in fact the power mode. According to the core resistance, the power used is determined. If the power is too high, the core will be stuck. The temperature control mode is the temperature control wire that is not heated. The resistance value as a base, when heating the temperature control wire, the resistance will change with the temperature level. The electronic rod chip judges the current temperature level, which is judged by the size of the resistor, so as to control the temperature within the preset temperature range. The temperature control mode will bring you the most stable taste and taste, which is deeply loved by the users.
A1 Cons is the most commonly used regulator wire. Ti titanium wire, Ni200 nickel wire and stainless steel wire belong to the mainstream temperature control wire, and Ti titanium wire and stainless steel wire can also be used on the pressure regulating box.
7. What is taste? Smoked data commonly used to reel?
Inhalation is the same as traditional cigarettes—inhalation, which is commonly used for oils, including the fineness, aroma, and layering of smoke aerosol particles.
The different boxes and atomizers in the data will have different tastes, there is no uniform standard, and the best one for you is the best.
Temperature control data using ni200 heating wire, 28g, 2.5 winding diameter, loose winding 7 laps, 350F, 17J
Power mode data, 28g, 2.5 windings, 7 windings, 13W

8. What is big smoke? Heavy smoke commonly used wire data?
Big smoke is also referred to as lung suction - open the inlet of a large atomizer, the smoke inlet does not stop, directly into the lungs, and then exhaled a lot of smoke.
9. Do you need to burn a good heating wire first?
Burning wire can better remove excess iron rust and impurities adhering to silk produced during processing, and oxidize the surface of the heating wire, which is of great help to taste and slow carbon deposition, and is also good for avoiding the smell of rust. method.
On the Internet, I have seen people say that “drip oil quenching” is to apply a layer of smoke oil on the surface of the silk before burning the wire, and to achieve high output about 25W. The smoke oil can be instantly atomized, and the oxidation of the heating wire can be isolated. It can be better. Curious players can experience it for themselves.
10. What is the problem of hot wire deposition?
Coke is a black substance that adheres to the heating wire and is generated after burning at a high temperature. It is a normal phenomenon. Excessive carbon deposition will affect the taste, so the heating wire is also often replaced, and the discovery of coke is also a signal to change the heating wire.
Here are two things to note about silk:
1. If you are just a novice, it is best not to use resistance wires below 0.5 ohms. The expert must also be sure that he knows he is ready to try.
2. In the case of atomizer low resistance (1 ohm), the smoke oil is heated at ultra-high temperature, there may be toxic and harmful substances. For your own health, please also pay more attention to players.

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