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Hawai'i Legislation Against Vaping

Aloha Kakou,

Just wanted to throw this out in the Deep Blue Sea for everyone to know, and maybe get some help from this community here in Vapor Joes.

Here in Hawai'i, we are facing a crisis with Flavor Ban, since the other day it has passed committee, but now it has to pass House. And the odds do not look good for our industry we love here.
Hearing is on the 21st of Feb. And the Scrap is now! If anyone wants to help out, and submit an opposal and Testimonial, it be a Blessing!

Go to:
Keywords: Vape, or
SB1009 and HB 276

If this passes, this could really mess up the industry we love and cherish. This could start a trend for other States to follow about BANNING FLAVORS.

"Our Vape, Our Industry, Our Life"

Mahalo Nui A Loa for your time and support.
Aloha Jesse


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This is important to all vapers, no matter where you live

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