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help with "Video" Topic's/Editing/Etc. for E-Liquid Biz


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not sure if this is the right part of the forum to be asking these question's but I have found this website the most useful of all of them for getting answer's that I can apply with my situation when I'm in need of help.
I apologize in advanced if this is not in the right area, or if it is not allowed for any reason, please do PM ME if I am in the wrong place or if I need to use a different part of the website/maybe a different website/forum.

so, me(my name is brian) and my partner(J.R) are in charge of making some youtube video's for our business here in UTAH. We Manufacture E-Liquid's, and I mean I have a slight clue as to where to get started, but I cannot find the information I need myself with just google. We have about 15* different e-liquid's, that are from 3* different line's, but essentially they are all from the same label/brand.

We want to make an introductory video, just stating who we are, what we do, and what we make.
I need some advice on how to get this done, and also we are going to be making individual videos for each of the flavor's(each bottle will have its own video).
so is anybody here reading this aware of what it takes to make a good/viewable/likable video on youtube?
it doesn't have to even be from somebody whos done videos specifically for eliquid, I mean I need general ideas and advice on how to approach it. I'm fairly good with technology and know how to get around on the internet and use the search websites, but when I type in exactly what I'm looking for when trying to figure out how to make a successful video for youtube regarding eliquid, I only pull up other videos of DIY E-Juice tutorials and shit like that.
I would include our business name, and website but I noticed that is against the rules. So, for now I can just share my questions and what I'm looking for in advice.

like I said we want to make an introductory video for the company, and describe in detail what we do and what we are about, when we were formed , what flavorings we use etc.

as for after that, we want to make individual videos for each of our flavor's, and lines of eliquid. we have 5* flavors for each line, and we have 3 lines currently (working on more in the iso7 lab).

Is there any good video editing software/apps available in the app store that would be useful for us and our journey in youtube land?
Are there any links available for us to use/research to make the most/best of our videos and what out end goal might be?
Does anybody know of any website/and-or/person we can view/get in contact with to help us accomplish a successful intro video?

Any advice, references, links - is MUCH appreciated !

you can email me Emails Removed by staff. Please use Conversations feature of the forum.
the first email is preferred but for some reason it gets censored, please use one of the following email's that come after the first. - Thank you so much and I really appreciate this website/forum for it has helped me and the business I work for SO much. I have learned ALOT from you guys and I truly appreciate everything.

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1.record the video with whatever internal software (if hardware external cam) or using the software if a usb pc cam
2.import it into a program like windows movie maker, or paid programs that edit video.
3.edit it to your liking save the file to a .mp4 extension if you can
3.upload to youtube. using the standard method title and describe it.

if you like one day monday or tuesday i can try my best thru skype to show you the basic's.
Hi, I am looking for a video editing software like Kinemaster Pro Premium but it should be easy to use and free for your phone, hope you help.

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