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Hey! Wake up Arizona! 95% Tax! This subforum has been stale!

Ms. Trixy

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No matter where we live; Tucson or Flagstaff, let's get together. Let's make something happen.
If you didn't hear, we are in pending doom of having a 95% sales tax imposed on vape products. Here is the update I received from CASAA today:

A 95% wholesale tax (AB 1517)
on vapor products has been introduced in the Arizona senate.

Such an outrageous tax rate is bad for both businesses and consumers. Not to mention the damaging public health consequences of taking smoke-free alternatives away from former smokers.

It is vital that you TAKE ACTION by urging your Arizona senator to REJECT SB 1517!

Take Action - Send a Message!

Once you've sent your message, remember to follow up with a phone call

Tell your senator that:
  • Extra taxes on vapor products are unjustifiable from a public health standpoint. The state should NOT be discouraging smokers from switching to safer alternatives to cigarettes.

  • Share Your Story! Tell them how your life has been affected by using vapor products.

  • Urge them to oppose SB 1517. A 95% tax on vapor sends the confusing and inaccurate message that vaping is just as hazardous as smoking.

  • Urge them to read the report from the Royal College of Physicians (Nicotine without smoke: tobacco harm reduction).
How's THAT for a wake up call??? I also posted this in the CASAA subforum.


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Surprise, Surprise the piece of shit responsible for this is

Athena Salman - Democrat

Fucking Stool Samples in the DNC sure want to appease their Big Pharma masters.

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