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Heather's Heavenly Vapes

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Hello all! We are excited to be an authorized vendor here on Vaping Underground. Thanks for stopping by to check us out!

Here's who we are.

Heather's Heavenly Vapes started in 2012, born out of an instant love of vaping! Adam & Heather found vaping like many of us did - as a way to quit smoking. Today, HHV is a family-owned and operated e-liquid company based out of Newnan, GA (just south of Atlanta) where we have our shop.

We use only the highest quality USP, tested, diacetyl free ingredients in our e-liquids. All e-liquid is mixed in an ISO Level 7 clean room. We use only the finest ingredients in our American-made e-liquids.

HHV e-liquids are fully customizable! You set the nicotine level, the PG/VG ratio, and whether you'd like to add menthol. Our Mixologists create your blend just the way you like and ship it right to your door.

Custom blends include a true MAX VG available in our Purity line. All flavorings in Purity e-liquids are PG-free. When you choose 100% VG, that's what you will receive. Since VG tends to mute flavor, we automatically bump up the flavorings in those blends.

Our flavors offer a rich, satisfying vape at great prices. Heather has a gift for producing authentic flavor with none of the chemical, perfume overtones often found in other brands.

Whether you want fresh fruit, mouth-watering dessert, menthol or natural tobacco flavors we have something for you. For extra indulgence, check out our Artisan Reserve line.


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Welcome to VU Heather and/or Adam. Look forward to trying your eliquid.

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