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The FDA is threatening to ban online sales of vape products. So we thought: Let's have a sale!

No one wants it to be a LAST CHANCE -- but do take action to make your voice heard. Join CASAA, write your Congressmen. Respectfully educate your non-vaping friends and family about why this matters.

To help you begin learning about the issues, you'll also save 15% on A Billion Lives Collector's Edition Blu-ray (while supplies last). Watch it and share it with friends and family.

Save 15% on all e-liquids, including Artisan Reserve and Sampler Bundles.

Use sale code: DONOTBAN15 at checkout. Use your Heather's Points to save even more!

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Sale ends at midnight (Eastern) on Friday - 10/5/18.

Vapor Madness - What's Going On?
Many believe there's more to the story. One such article from Filter Magazine explains some history and gives a perspective on what's happening. It's a long read, but worth your time and a starting point for your research. You'll find links to additional resources in the article.

Alarming headlines aside -- please educate yourself! Vapers need to be informed and speak to everyone we can to help balance out the issue. Opposition to vaping has been going on a long time, but we have to stay in the fight!

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