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Higher end mods or big dual 21700 mods?


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I picked up a ragnar rdta, but i noticed that my odin is a bit too small for it. Does anyone know of any mods that are capable of running bigger atomizers? Odin seems a bit small and has some overhang. I prefer dna or dual 21700 mods if possible. Any suggestions at all are welcome.

I know the titan 1.5 pwm and hadron 220 are options, but they have been a chore to find.


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That tank fits great on this mod. Not a DNA chip but many people love the Yihi chips

It has been a hell of a time trying to find this in the states. Is this the only place?

This was more in reference to the hadron 220 and the titan combo kit. The mod itself is on EV yeah


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Not familiar with the specs on Ragnar rta (35mm?) and therefore not sure if it’d fit on squid vapes TAC21 (dual 20700), it’s hefty, regulated and from what I hear - is impressive. I guess this is where I use my google fingers to enter url’s? I seriously gotta get tapatalk!).
(My bad that first link, they sold out of tac21 but have the detonator but I don’t think u want that it’s only good for 25mm )

I was going to buy one when I discovered...
there are some spectacular custom mixers in the states offering dual 21700 and or DNA###’s, lipos or built in battery etc.

Look into voorhees custom mods he even offers some less expensive 21700 3D printed mods. Awesome selection prices all that

Then another of my personal favs and last one tonite: He was offering free printed art work and I’ll post a pics of the sick mod he made for my homie.
Good luck and goodnight!


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I recently noticed a couo0le nice Dual 21700's for sale in the hardware market forum here at vaping underground. I dont remember specifics but if ur still in the market, take a gander over there. If ur into it, I will update this with a link when I come across the post again (if its still available)
Happy shopping!

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