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How to get Best Buy 10% off coupon for vape accessories?

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Hello everyone,
I am a smoker, now I have switched from cigarettes to e-cigarettes. I know that smoking is not even good for electronic cigarettes. But personally I'm a smoker, I have to use it every day to stay awake. I am currently looking for a new set of vape on Best Buy because I heard there are 10% discount vouchers for those who buy vape and related stuff. But I don't know how I was able to get that voucher. Can you help me?
Thanks everyone.

Lady Sarah

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If the guy works at a vape store like he claimed he does, I wonder why he is chasing rumors about coupons for gear at Best Buy. Now... If he got fired for talking shit about vaping while on the job, and might be repentant, we should help him. However, he needs to be here more, so we can give him the help he claims he needs.

If he is still a douchebag, he needs to show up more for a good ass whoopin'.

Bliss Doubt

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Coupon92123 has a controversial history on this site, or at least, a history of instigating controversy.

"I have to use it every day to stay awake. "

I'm tempted to tell it to go back to sleep.


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Dude you responded to a post from 5 months ago.

Welcome to VU by the way

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