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IGET PLUS & IGET NOVA Pod - More Options For You


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After the great success of Iget shion and Iget XXL in like Australia & New Zealand area, Iget keep released a new disposable pod kit -IGET PLUS and a pod kit which is really a perfect disposable vape alternative if you are not that into disposable vape, that's IGET NOVA.

Today let's check them out!


1. Disposable device, with filters for more hygienic
2. 5ml capacity, Pre-filled e-juice of 60mg nicotine & 13 flavors
3. 650mAh built-in battery, about 1200 puffs enjoyment
4. Support OEM, MOQ: 6000pcs per flavor

Size: Ø15.5 x 128mm
Nicotine: 6%/2%
Flavor: Sweet Menthol, Strawberry Watermelon, Red Wine, Raspberry Ice, Pineapple Coconut Ice, Pro Ice, Peach Banana Ice, Mango Strawberry Juice, Lychee Lemon, Lush Ice, Blueberry Ice, Blackberry Raspberry Ice, Asap Grape

1. Pod Kit with Oily Cartridge for convenient replacement
2. 2ml capacity, Pre-filled e-juice of 60mg nicotine, optional 3 flavors
3. 350mAh built-in battery(rechargeable), about 500 puffs enjoyment
4. Support OEM, MOQ: 6000pcs per flavor

Size: 20 x 12 x 112mm
Nicotine: 6%/2%
Resistance: 1.3Ω
Flavor: Iced Blueberry, Lush Fruit, Grape Freeze

So you can call it a repleaceable and rechargeable "disposable" kit! And it is more cost-effective and more environmentally friendly!

That's reminds me another qulity disposable vape alternative which is also a repleaceable and rechargeable small pod kit, Vbar Pod. I believe, this kind of pod kits are really going to be a new trend in the future.

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