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Innokin ArcFire │Review by Ben28 │

Innokin ArcFire

Hello Forum , today I bring you a new Innokin pod-type device, which has an elegant appearance as well as a more fun one. This device is recommended for someone who is transitioning from smoking to vaping. Let's start with some photos provided by the brand, as usual in my reviews, without first giving a big thank you to Alisa from Innokin for sending me this device.

Disclaimer; Nobody or any brand is paying me to do this review, all you will see are my most sincere opinions, both the positive and the negative.
Captura de pantalla 2023-09-11 145652.jpg

Let's start talking about the features of the product, I will make a table so that everything looks simpler and clearer.

Arc-Coil Mesh Coil
No Leaking
Elegant Design
Fast Charging Battery
Power Indicator
650mAh Battery

The brand also announces some specs that I will leave in a table.

Battery650mAh (internal)
DisplayLED indicators
Output3.4V constant
Type C USB Charging0.75A charge rate
Resistance Range0.8ohm minimum
PodsCompatible with Arcfire pods 1.2ohm & 0.8ohm
Pod Capacity3ml (Standard) / 2ml (TPD)
ActivationDraw Activated
On/Off ButtonYes

The brand presents the product with an elegant design, which in my opinion, I love and it is also presented in 6 colors, 3 elegant and 3 more daring and fun. I'll leave them listed from left to right in the table below.

Stellar Black
Nebula Grey
Galactic Silver
Cosmic Pink ( Fade )
Ocean Horizon ( Fade )
Green Forest ( Fade )

Innokin presents three LEDs on the front of the product, which are battery indicators and in addition, at the bottom of the device we have a light ring that indicates when we are taking a puff.

3 LEDs100%-65%
2 LEDs65%-15%
1 LEDLess than 15%

Innokin also presents us with different types of PODs, I will leave the list below.


-/ Packaging \-

Let's start with what we really like, the review, first we'll start with what's in the box.

MergedImages (1).png

On the front we can see the brand, the device, its color, capacity and ohms of the pod and also a small warning about nicotine which is in Spanish because it is the country where I reside. On the back we also see the brand and name of the device in addition to the contents of the package and certain ways to contact the brand in case we have any problems. I will leave a table below with what the device brings.

1x ArcFire Pod Device
1x ArcFire KS212
1x Warning Booklet
1x Quick Guide
1x C-Type Cable ( Not listed I do not know why )

Once opened, the first thing we see is the device fitted into a custom-made hole, underneath the box opens and we find a type-c cable and two guides, a quick guide of the device and one on battery maintenance and care. As you can see, Innokin sent me the Cosmic Pink and Green Forest, colors that I honestly love but that of course will not influence the final opinion of the product. I will thoroughly review the Green Forest one in this case.

-/ Device Inspection \-


On the front of the product, at the top, we have a small airflow hole, which cannot be adjusted in any way. If we continue going down we find a button, this is used to turn the device on or off by pressing it 3 times, it is not used to puff, this device is activated by auto-draw. A little further down we find the 3 battery indicator LEDs and the light ring at the bottom, it cannot be seen in this image because it was impossible for me to catch the LEDs on, sorry.




Let's talk about the pod, in this case it is the KS212, with a capacity of 2mL and a resistance of 1.2Ω, they sent this version because it is the one that complies with the TPD, that's why you see the piece of rubber at the top of the POD . On the front of the POD we can see that the brand, model, capacity and Ω appear. At the back we find the little flap through which we put the liquid, the hole is more than large and closes well, no leaks at least for now. Very important, the POD comes with a sticker that must be removed before vaping.



As you can see in the photo, the pod is connected to the device by magnets, I must admit that it stays very well fixed and has no play. Something important is that the pod only fits in one position, the Innokin logo of the POD must be aligned with the logo of the device otherwise it will not fit.

IMG_8764 (1).jpg

The charging port is below, which is quite convenient but I much prefer it to be on the front, this is subjective. The charge is at 750mA/DC5.0V which is a bit low considering that many pods double this figure, plus it takes approximately 45 minutes to fully charge.

-/ Lets Vape \-

In this section I will test the device and give my feelings. The first thing to do is fill the liquid tank and leave it for 5 minutes.

After waiting that time I decided to take a puff, the flavor is acceptable and the amount of vapor is very good, much higher than expected. In my opinion, I think it could be much better in terms of flavor but for a starter POD type device it is more than enough.

I only tested it with the 1.2Ω pod since it only comes with that one in the package, we'll talk about this later.

One thing I don't like about this pod is the 2mL capacity, today there are devices with 3.5mL or even 5mL. Yes, it is true that in my case it is limited by the TPD but it is something that I had to include since I have to fill in the device frequently.

As for the battery, it lasts a long time for someone who doesn't chain vape.

Condensation issue, the truth is that I have not even seen this POD so 10/10 for Innokin

-/ Pros And Cons \-

Begginer FriendlyOnly 1 Pod Included
Quality MaterialsWeak Flavor
Good Vapor
Long Lasting Coils
Pocket Sized
Good For MTL Vapers
Very Elegant
Auto Draw

-/ Conclusion \-

The Innokin ArcFire is a very attractive and elegant device, perfect for people starting out in vaping and who like to smoke MTL. Even though I'm not a big fan of that style of vaping, I liked it anyway. I would change some things, such as the issue that only 1 POD comes, it can burn, break or know that, also, if you have just bought the product you would like to try both to see which one you decide on. What I would also perhaps change or improve is the flavor with the 1.2Ω, I have not tried the 0.8Ω one so I will not comment on that in this case.

I would like to thank everyone who is reading this and Alisa from Innokin for sending me the product for review!

That was the entire review, I hope you liked it, I loved doing it to be honest, any question or doubt, even constructive criticism, is accepted in the comments, have a good time vaping!

By Ben28

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