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Is this Wrong?


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Got your point. Heard an axiom once. "Know an enemy's weapon, take away their power."

A lot I'm seeing going on "in the world" currently resolves to fear as the weapon. Evil uses fear as a weapon. So, I know the weapon & enemy.

I refuse to cower and be fearful. Evil has lost its power over me. I do not need to name names, point fingers. Any and all evil has no more power regarding me.

Why grant it any power by naming it? Everyone already knows what and who it is. If not they can soon figure it out.

When I first come online back in say 1992/94, there was a rule. You don't call out trolls, or jerks by telling folks "Joe is a jerk". People soon enough see who is who, what is what.

*sighs* Now, if I could do likewise for inner despair, depression. Been being a struggle lately. No, I don't need any "self care" lists what degrade by speaking to me like I'm a toddler.

If "self care" lists worked, a person wouldn't be looking for help. Such lists remind me of Microsoft Windows' help line. Call, put on hold for two hours at $3 per minute to get to the "technician" asking, "have you opened the help menu?"

Help menu: "If all the steps listed haven't resolved the issue call 1-900- .... for technical help." Me on phone to technician responding with that question, *click, dial tone*.

Next day a call from Microsoft Customer service. "How would you rate our help?" "I wouldn't, it does not warrant rating. I'm fine though, decided I would use Linux."

Have decided I've no mind. So it doesn't matter if I'm depressed or not. I'm just always "okay". Screw the p cyclists who just want to feed everyone chemical lobotomies for a commission.

I call this philosophy and way of living, the no mind, no matter way. Works so far. So far, so good, so what? *chuckles*
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