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Italian doctors evaluate a comparison study between cigarettes,IQOS and PV


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Advocacy never hurts so I translated and burnt in the subtitles in English, of a video commissioned by Lega Italiana per la Lotta contro i Tumori - Prevenire è Vivere ( 1 Italian Cancer Fighting society.
It’s been made by Italian cancer professors, doctors, epidemiologists and oncology center directors.

It’s the results of a comparison study of Traditional cigarettes, IQOS and PVs.

It’s not a long video, but what is really important is the STATEMENT they made.

Anyone involved in advocacy should watch it and use it! If you think they’re right… spread it as much as possible and comment the video.

Tell me if you like it!


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Very nice. Thank you. Over-simplified, of course,. As you say, though, it's the overall statement that matters.
Not that things like this will have any impact on the votes of US legislators, financed as they are by the pharma, medical, etc. industries.


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You're right, but it's cancer centers professors talking, can't really hide that nor twist it, well, they can actually DO everything really!
But more we see of those, more mouths they have to shut.


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Truth always vanquishes fear.

One truth is this. Those in power fear losing money from big tobacco, big corporations. Without that money those in power lose access to power. They fear loss of access just the same as common folks fear loss of access.

The common folk need access to clean drinking water, safe to eat nutritious foods, adequate and proper medical care, real justice, equanimity. Will the common folk have these? It's unlikely as these are tools used by those in power to manipulate & wield power. "You want better health care? Stop voting XYZ and vote for me."

Another truth is we're all the same, all is one and one is all. What happens when you start restricting the health care, drinking water of those in power? The same as common folk, they get cranky.

Another truth is there is no scarcity. We only need to live as one and distribute resources equally. Scarcity is the greatest myth and blatant lie ever invented. We can all have access to our needs if we mind to not desire more than our need. Forget the notion of power too, it only exists if you've got scarcity, control of access.

Control of access no longer needs to exist. People no longer want war. People want unity. These are some truths glimpsed from seeing vaping take hold. All mouths can not be silenced. We live in the information age, do you think vaping information will just vanish?

It will not, nor will these truths.

To clarify, I know that yes there are finite resources. I also know there are resources which can be used infinitely as they are easily renewed. Humanity in the last 100 years has made strides far above impressive in agriculture. Growing enough food for everyone on earth is possible, easily.

We can do similar in other fields if we apply ourselves. For instance we can unlock a path to using renewable energy sources. We've put people on the moon on the dare, "that can't be done." We face problems now, sure. Many naysayer tells us "there's no solving that." That sounds like a dare to me.
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