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“The best love is the kind that awakens the soul, and makes us reach for more, that plants a fire in our hearts, and brings peace to our minds” ~Nicholas Sparks


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This is one of the best eBooks that you will ever read.

You'll learn about some of the worst chemicals in your food (that you are likely eating right now), plus natural remedies to counter their effects.

You'll also discover:
  • The long list of foods that contain toxic heavy metals
  • The auto-immune causing toxin that is in 20% of baby foods
  • How to disinfect your food from the most toxic chemical known to man
  • The water routine that flushes the toxic waste out of you in the morning
  • Natural and affordable DIY cleaner recipes for the kitchen & bathroom
  • The one food that you can stop eating to recover from fibromyalgia
  • How fish, rice, and vegetables can be a root cause of autoimmunity
  • The soda ingredient that causes nerve damage in many people
  • The "great endocrine disruptor" that is in detergent & beauty products
  • People who eat takeaway instead of at home have 40% more toxins
  • The golden spice that inhibits autoimmune reactions
  • The food toxin known to cause celiac disease, autism, and dementia
  • The synthetic chemical that is found in 98% of American's blood
  • 75% of Americans now have hand sanitizer chemicals in their blood
  • How chiropractors help release toxic residues from your body

Download your copy and recover your health today!


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Hi Jimi, vitamin B-12 is a mission-critical for your health in many ways...

And yet many people today are deficient in it (and sometimes confused about it!)

That's why I created this clear, research-based article for you that includes guidelines on what to LOOK for and AVOID in a supplement and more...

The Crucial Benefits of Vitamin B-12 and Best Plant-Based Sources of It

If you appreciate this article, please SHARE a comment about it at the bottom of the page.

Because in it, you're about to discover:

  • The 10 top health benefits of B-12 for your body
  • The 11 signs you may be low in B-12
  • The top-recommended foods for B-12, including plant-based sources
  • The 4 KEYS to look for and avoid in a vitamin B supplement
  • The NEW #1 recommended vitamin B supplement (and exactly why, Jim)
  • And much more!
Head here for the vitamin B-12 article


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People who have sleep apnea may have another issue to worry about — weaker bones and teeth.

Known as low bone-mineral density, the condition is an indicator of osteoporosis and can increase the risk of fractures and cause teeth to become loose and dental implants to fail, according to new research from the University at Buffalo (UB) in New York.

To study this, researchers used cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) — a type of X-ray — to measure bone density in the heads and necks of 38 adults. Half of the study participants had sleep apnea.

Special: More Than Half of Americans Over 50 Have Bone Loss. Do Something About It.

These scans found that participants with sleep apnea had significantly lower bone-mineral density than the participants without the condition.
Sleep apnea can cause difficulty breathing while asleep, which can lead to low levels of oxygen in the body, inflammation, oxidative stress, and shortened breathing patterns.

These symptoms may each have a chronic negative effect on bone metabolism and eventually bone density, said senior study author Thikriat Al-Jewair. She is an associate professor of orthodontics in the UB School of Dental Medicine and director of the school’s advanced education program in orthodontics.

“While the link between obstructive sleep apnea and low bone-mineral density has yet to be fully explored, this study offers new evidence on their connection that could have several implications for orthodontic treatment,” Al-Jewair said in a university news release.

“If a patient has been diagnosed with sleep apnea, this can influence treatment planning and management. CBCT imaging has become an integral part of daily orthodontic practice and could be used as a screening tool for low bone-mineral density,” she said.

“Orthodontists could then inform their patients of their propensity for low bone-mineral density and encourage them to seek further consultation with their physician, as well as warn the patient of possible adverse outcomes, increased risks, and effects on treatment time,” Al-Jewair added.

She also suggested future research needs to be done with larger sample sizes.
The findings were published in The Journal of Craniomandibular and Sleep Practice.


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+ A Good Night’s Sleep Is Crucial For Optimal Health​

Sleep deficiency is linked to many chronic health problems, including heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, obesity, and depression.
Sleep deficiency is also linked to a higher chance of injury in adults, teens, and children. For example, sleepiness while driving (not related to alcohol) is responsible for serious car crash injuries and death. In older adults, sleep deficiency may be linked to a higher chance of falls and broken bones......


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Hey Jimi!

We’re gearing up for our Sourdough Startup workshop! Many of you have never baked sourdough before, so you’re probably wondering…why would I want to make sourdough?

Well, this layout of goodies might just answer your question!

sourdough variety creations

Sourdough is a regular part of life at our Farm on Central, and in part it’s because you can do SO MUCH with it.

So, what can you make with sourdough?​

First off, all kinds of breads! You can make regular loaves, sandwich subs, or other types of breads with varying textures and shapes.

Next up, breakfast bagels. Sprinkle them with seeds, slather them with cream cheese…however you like your bagels, they’re better when made with sourdough.

With the sourdough discard, you can make a variety of sweets, like brownies and pancakes. There are actually a lot of ways to use the discard, which we’ll cover in the upcoming workshop!

Of course, one of my favorite sourdough creations is our homemade cinnamon rolls. They’re soooo good, especially when you eat them fresh from the oven.

Really, almost any type of bread or baked dessert can be made better with sourdough.

sourdough cinnamon rolls

Join the upcoming sourdough workshop!​

Looking at sourdough breads and sweets is fun and all, but you know what’s better?

Making them yourself!

We’re teaching a free workshop on how to get started with sourdough, starting on September 22. Over the course of the workshop, you’ll learn about the nutritional benefits of baking with sourdough, how to manage a starter and keep it alive, how to make consistent loaves the easy way, and a whole lot more.

The sessions will be taught by my wife Savannah, who’s been baking with sourdough for six years and counting. She’s been teaching these classes in-person at our farm, showing the local community how we make sourdough the easy + consistent way. Now we finally get to extend the invitation to you!



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Did you know that over 200 Million People Are Living With Thyroid Disease and Adrenal Dysfunction...

...And Over Half Don't Even Know It!

If you're suffering with "unexplainable" symptoms...

Everything from chronic fatigue, headaches, hair loss, and constipation...

To anxiety, depression, irregular heartbeats, or hormonal imbalances …

You could be one of the estimated 200 MILLION people who have thyroid disease and adrenal dysfunction.

If so, you'll be happy to know that my friend Jonathan Landsman, a natural health expert for over 35 years, recently assembled 22 of the world's leading experts on thyroid and adrenal health to create a very important online educational program ...

>>> Click Here to Get Complimentary Access Today <<<
Starting Tue. Oct. 3, this program will reveal everything you need to know about how to overcome thyroid disease and adrenal dysfunction.

Here's a list of the Top 10 things you'll discover …

  1. The most common signs of low thyroid function and why you should NEVER ignore early warning symptoms
  1. Are you suffering from Hashimoto’s disease? Discover the treatment protocol that could bring your Hashimoto’s into remission

  2. How common dental procedures and materials can damage your thyroid (and how to avoid being harmed by a well-meaning dentist)

  3. Stressed out and gaining weight? Discover the intimate connection between thyroid dysfunction and emotional struggles

  4. Everything you need to know about thyroid and adrenal lab testing (but were afraid to ask your doctor)
>> Click Here to Get Access to This NEW Program Today


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Hi Jimi,

Did you know that with a little time and salt you can actually significantly increase some of the nutrients and probiotics that are naturally occurring in your garden’s bounty?

Growing your own vegetables is the foundation to receive the nutrition that you need; however, fermentation is potentially your best tool to preserve and optimize the health benefits of your healthy homegrown harvest!

Fermentation is a patient practice, and it can be one of the most deeply rewarding methods of food preparation, mentally, emotionally, and nutritionally.

Button: Read more about the benefits of fermentation here

To the exploration and enjoyment of your bounty!

🌱 Grow Your Own Vegetables Team 🌱


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18 Herbs that Improve Adrenal Function

We often hear about a "global energy crisis" in terms of dwindling oil reserves or other natural resources.

But today I want to shed light on a different kind of energy crisis - one that's zapping the energy of 200 million people worldwide.

I'm talking about thyroid disease.

The thyroid exerts enormous influence over our bodies, controlling metabolism, energy levels, and even brain function.

When it's malfunctioning, you can expect symptoms like crushing fatigue, unrelenting weight gain, brain fog, and even depression.

>> Discover 18 Herbs That Will Improve Your Thyroid Function



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German New Medicine
with Danny Carroll and Nathan Crane
Don't miss this Nathan Crane podcast episode with Danny Carroll on alternative solutions for healing diseases like cancer.

Meet Danny Carroll, a London School of Economics-educated author, comparing Conventional Medicine and Germanic Healing Knowledge in "Terminal Cancer Is a Misdiagnosis."

Let us uncover the realm of energy healing through sound vibrations and grasp how emotional experiences intricately connect with physical health in German New Medicine.

-->> Watch here


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Movement Vs. Exercise
Hey Jimi,

Dr. J here with a great new episode of the podcast where we welcome Katie Bramlet to the show! Katie, the co-founder of, shares her expertise on redefining fitness standards through functional movement patterns for sustainable results.

We delve into various compelling topics, including the crucial distinction between movement and exercise and the intricate dynamics of body transformation. Our discussion sheds light on conventional fitness programs' challenges and the importance of prioritizing quality movement over calorie burn.

Discover how offers personalized at-home workouts and engages users in a holistic approach to fitness. Tune in to gain valuable insights and embark on a journey towards improved well-being!

>> Click here to check out the podcast! <<
Movement Vs. Exercise, The Body Transformation Trap - Podcast #398 with Katie Bramlett
In this episode, we cover:

– Weshape Brief Introduction
05:10 – Common Foundational Movements
08:46 – Emotional and Motivational Factors
14:36 – Bringing Workout to Another Level
18:53 – Body Transformation Expectation

>> Click here to check out the podcast! <<
Yours in Health,
Dr. Justin Marchegiani​
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Epigenetic & Anti-Aging Strategies

On this great show with Dr. Bernd Friedlander we go over all sorts of anti-aging strategies. We talk about collagen, reducing inflammation, sunlight, 5G, aspirin, epigenetics... we cover it all

Dr. Bernd is a wealth of information and I had a great time chatting with him, and I know you guys will love this episode too!

>> Click here to check out the podcast! <<


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As much as you may want to turn back the clock a little bit on the modern world and our complete immersion in technology and EMF's - that's not really possible.

That's why there are many wonderful people spreading valuable education about the safe use of technology, and protecting yourself from potential harm.

Starting today is the Healthier Tech Summit - a unique gathering of experts from EMF, Building Biology, and Digital Wellness, all coming together to explore how to optimize your tech-life balance.

Over four enriching days, we'll delve into topics such as the impacts of wireless EMF, the science of healthy buildings, and strategies to find a healthier balance with modern technology.

Why you may want to attend...

● Expert Insights: Gain insights from doctors, scientists, authors, and thought leaders who are pioneers in their fields.

● Practical Tips: Discover actionable strategies to enhance your well-being by optimizing your relationship with technology.

● Meaningful Connections: Connect with a community of individuals who share a passion for health, wellness, and technology.

Summit Details:

Date: TODAY! (September 18-21)

Price: FREE

Location: Online - Anywhere You Have an Internet Connection!

Enjoy Daily LIVE PANELS from 1pm - 3pm Pacific to connect and ask the experts anything!

Secure Your Spot Now


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Register now for Episode 18 of Season 2 of the Cancer Conversation

Join us Tuesday, Sept 19, 2023 at 5:00pm PST

We are constantly searching the world for the best treatments and latest hi-tech devices that demonstrate proven results. Join Dr. Roney and Ashley Sarna, CLT for the next

Cancer Conversation LIVE webinar series Episode 18:

An Integrative Medical Approach to
the Detection & Treatment of Parasites

Date: Tuesday Sept 19, 2023 at 5pm PST

Why Attend?
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the dangers of parasites and their impact on your health.
  • Learn about groundbreaking technologies that make parasite detection and elimination more accessible and effective than ever before.
  • Interact directly with our medical staff during the live Q&A session and get your questions answered by Dr. Daniel Roney and Ashley Sarna, CLT.
  • Acquire valuable insights into maintaining optimal health through parasite prevention and elimination.

About the Cancer Conversation:
Parasites are a hidden health menace that can affect individuals of all ages. They can lurk undetected in our bodies, causing a range of health issues, from digestive problems to chronic fatigue and more. "THE PARASITE PERVASION" webinar will delve into the world of parasites and introduce you to innovative technologies and dietary strategies to combat them effectively.

Our experienced speakers, Dr. Daniel Roney (Host of the Cancer Conversation Series for the past 2 Seasons and over 40 episodes), and Ashley Sarna, CLT, our incredibly popular and knowledgeable technician specializing in F-Scan and Firefly technologies, will guide you through the following:

  • Parasite Detection: Learn how state-of-the-art F-Scan and Firefly technologies help us detect parasites in a non-invasive and highly accurate manner. These advanced tools enable early detection, allowing for prompt intervention.
  • Identification: Understand the diverse range of parasites that can affect human health and the importance of proper identification for targeted treatment.
  • Elimination: Discover how Firefly and the BioCharger and proven dietary protocols play a vital role in eliminating parasites from your body. Our experts will share actionable strategies to regain your health and vitality.
Don't miss this opportunity to take control of your health and well-being. Register now for "THE PARASITE PERVASION" Cancer Conversation and embark on a journey towards a healthier, parasite-free life.

📅 We’re LIVE this Tuesday! 📅
🗓️ Date: September 19, 2023
🕒 Time: 5:00pm PST
🌐 Regist


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If you want smoother, younger-looking skin, you’ve probably tried anti-wrinkle creams.
But if you’re like a lot of women I know, you may wonder if those expensive creams are even working.
You apply it day and night without fail. But your skin still looks rough and tired… your age spots aren’t fading… and you worry your wrinkles are the first thing people notice about you.
At least that’s what it was like for me. I spent a small fortune over the years on creams, serums, and moisturizers that promised to make my skin look younger.
But I mostly felt disappointed.
Then I heard that skin scientists had discovered 4 powerful nutrients that actually get inside your skin cells and restore damage… no matter what kind of damage it is or how long ago it happened.
I was intrigued to say the least. But also skeptical.
So I started experimenting with different forms and dosages of these nutrients…
… and after months of trial and error I got the formula just right. I’ve been using these 4 nutrients for a couple years now and the results are nothing short of amazing!
No one believes me when I tell them I’m in my 50s. But that’s not even the best part.
These nutrients work so well I don’t feel the need to wear concealer to hide my wrinkles. And I’m now one hundred percent confident in my own skin.
Imagine waking up in the morning and seeing a fresher, younger-looking face in the mirror. Now it’s possible!
One reason these youth-restoring nutrients work so well is by boosting your body’s ability to make collagen.
As you may know, collagen is a protein that makes your skin look plump, smooth, and wrinkle-free. Your body starts making a lot less collagen as you age, which is partly why you get more wrinkles as you get older.
But these 4 nutrients can boost your collagen levels so you can have softer, smoother, younger-looking skin, naturally.
I’ve recorded a 4 minute video for you that reveals what these 4 nutrients are and where you can find them.
Click here to see for yourself.


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Food is the #1 cause of death and disability on planet Earth.
Jimi, it’s time for a food revolution.
That’s why my dad and colleague, John Robbins, and I created the Food Revolution Summit. This year, we made it bigger and better than ever with a brand-new docuseries version — and it was such a success in April that we’re airing it one more time. For free!
(Complete with all new live broadcasts to accompany all eight episodes).
>> Click right here to sign up for free and get the latest breaking food revolution wisdom.
You’ll hear from 45 of the world’s most respected food and health experts — including New York Times bestselling authors, holistic doctors, surgeons, scientific researchers, weight loss experts, and more.
We ALL have the power to take a stand for our health and the planet. It’s time to rise up and say no to the status quo.
It’s time to reclaim our health and make a difference.
The most powerful change we can make is with the food we eat.
Be part of the solution — in your life and on your planet!
>> Sign up for the 2023 Food Revolution Summit Docuseries relaunch here.
To your greatest health,
Ocean Robbins
P.S. Studies show that it’s possible to prevent most chronic illnesses just by eating the right foods and avoiding the wrong ones. This means you can take impactful steps to save yourself — and your loved ones — from the world’s deadliest diseases.
>> Watch the powerful Food Revolution Summit Docuseries trailer and join in the landmark Food Revolution relaunch, right here.
P.P.S. If you dont want to receive any more emails about the 2023 Food Revolution Summit, click here. (You’ll still get my regular emails.)


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September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, so I’d like to highlight a bit more about this “silent killer” so you can lower your risk of an ovarian cancer diagnosis.

This disease is often associated with post-menopausal women, and while there are more cases in this age range, I want you to know that ovarian cancer can occur at ANY stage of a woman’s life.

So, if you are menstruating, ovulating, or in a post-menopausal state, it's very important that we support their health. Even if you no longer have one or either ovary, cancer can impact your tissue.

Today, I’m sharing 4 ways that you can lower your risk of ovarian cancer…

Ask The Doc:
4 Ways to Lower Your Risk of Ovarian Cancer

These include:
  • My all-time favorite therapy to use for health and healing in this area
  • How to bring your ovaries back “online” with key body system connections
  • What you need to avoid eating for improved ovary health
  • The silent symptoms to look for that you might not know

Go watch my video today – it might just save your (a loved one’s or friend's) life!

Healthy regards,


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In the Western world, the term anxiety embodies a lot: disconnection from ourselves and loved ones; living our life for other people; the stress of our jobs, family, finances, and obligations; and the relentless chasing of the American dream. When we don’t make time to work through our anxiety, it leads us down a path of suffering and regret. But it doesn’t have to be this way.
Today on The Dhru Purohit Podcast, Dhru sits down with Dr. John Delony to discuss anxiety, where it comes from, and the impact it has on so many of our lives. In this episode, Dr. John tells his personal story of overcoming the anxious thoughts that robbed him of his happiness and what he did to reclaim the autonomy over his life to reconnect to himself, his wife, and his daughter. He also shares key strategies for outsourcing help, leaning into optimism, and learning how to find happiness and freedom in living for ourselves.​
In this episode, Dhru and Dr. John dive into:
  • Examples of how anxiety impacts our lives (0:41)
  • The relationships between anxiety and the stories we tell ourselves (11:27)
  • Hitting rock bottom and how it helps rebuild the foundation of our lives (13:11)
  • Why you can’t outthink an anxious mind (21:46)
  • The top drivers of anxiety in people’s lives (24:27)
  • Baby steps for overcoming anxiety (40:45)
  • Catching negative thoughts before they take over (47:55)
  • Why we need to consciously lean toward optimism (55:36)
  • What Dr. John did to fix his home life and relationship with his spouse (1:05:10)
  • Tips for health, healing, and getting back in touch with your body (1:17:02)
  • The parts of healing that aren’t talked about (1:26:50)
  • Benefits of practicing Maranasati (death meditation) (1:34:47)
  • How faith plays into anxiety (1:43:06)
  • Final thoughts (1:48:30)


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Hi Jimi,

Last night, we aired Episode 6 on cooking for better sleep + limitless energy, and this one touched a lot of people. The Healing Kitchen series is about far more than medicinal food... it's about connection to our roots, to who we really are, and to the natural world around us.

This episode is split into two parts - the first half is all about foods and remedies to boost energy and reverse fatigue, and the second half covers delicious recipes that will calm your body and give you beautiful and restorative sleep.

If you haven’t had a chance to see it yet, use the link below to watch the Replay of Episode 6 – it will be up until 9pm Eastern Time tonight!

Click here to watch Episode 6

Wow, there are only 3 more episodes left! What is the next one going to be?

In Episode 7, we'll be seeking out preventive foods and formulas for something that affects millions of people around the world – CANCER.

We’ve all been touched by it in some way, whether it be a friend or family member… or maybe ourselves. We don’t need to discuss the alarming statistics. We all know the severity of the issue.

Tonight instead, let us focus on the hope part :)medicinal ingredients and herbal remedies that can prevent cancer and also help to nourish those who are recovering from it.

We’ll also spotlight a touching story of cancer recovery as well as some remarkable work being done by a group of folks in Charleston, South Carolina to deliver nutrient dense healing foods to patients who are working to overcome cancer.

This episode will make you laugh. It will make you cry. It will fill you with inspiration… Those of us behind the cameras were transformed just from filming what you’re about to see.

I’ll be sending you more details - including your links to watch Episode 7 - later today. But in the meantime, make sure to watch Episode 6 while it’s still up!

Click here to watch Episode 6

Stay curious,


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Wednesday, 9/20, our 118th episode of With the Wind will be live on at 11:30 a.m. PT.​

Ep. 118 - IG - 1
Click to watch the show!​
In this week's From the Heart, Dr. Paul addresses the profound theme of loss, an emotion everyone encounters multiple times in life, leading to grief, anger, and frustration. While certain losses are inevitable, he raises concerns about impending threats to our freedoms. Rather than passively awaiting these potential losses, Dr. Paul emphasizes the importance of proactive measures to reduce their impact and perhaps even enhance our cherished freedoms.
In this week's interview, Dr. Meryl Nass discusses the history of biological warfare and the potential dangers of vaccines. She emphasizes the importance of being informed and proactive in protecting our health and freedom. Dr. Nass also shares her insights on the World Health Organization treaty and the potential loss of sovereignty. Dr. Paul offers advice on how we can take action to mitigate these risks and fight back against propaganda and misinformation. Overall, the interview provides valuable information and insights for anyone interested in public health and global politics.​


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Hi ,

You're invited to watch all 9 episodes of the groundbreaking Food Revolution docuseries for free:

>> Click here to grab your complimentary access pass

You'll learn from many of our favorite plant-based experts like:

  • Dr. Dean Ornish revealing the power of lifestyle choices
  • Dr. Neal Barnard debunking misleading marketing claims
  • Chef AJ helping you overcome obstacles and excuses
  • Dr. Michael Greger breaking down the latest nutrition research
  • Rich Roll letting you in on his mindset and transformational strategies
  • Dr. Joel Kahn giving you the blueprint to a healthy heart
  • Dr. Brooke Goldner on preventing and reversing auto-immune conditions
  • Dr. Joel Fuhrman's protocol for nutritional excellence and longevity
  • Dr. Michael Klaper getting real about doctor's education
  • Dr. T. Colin Campbell cutting through the misinformation and bias in science
>> Click here to have a look at the complete line-up and sign up

And I'm equally excited about the hands-on, practical tips shared during this event like:

  • Protecting Your Brain from a Toxic World: Lessons from 200,000 Brain Scans with Daniel Amen, MD
  • How to Harness the Power of Sprouts with Doug Evans
  • Why You’re Fatigued, and How to Get Your Mojo Back with Ari Whitten
  • Six Techniques to Support a Clear Mind and Memory with Jim Kwik
  • Eat to Beat Inflammation and Restore Health with Monica Aggarwal, MD
  • Beyond Carrots: The Best Foods For Your Vision with Rani Banik, MD
  • Eating to Beat Hormonal Imbalances with Ritamarie Loscalzo, DC
This is an event not to be missed.

>> Grab your spot here and get all the insights

Last but not least: Please share this invite with anyone who comes to mind. Everyone is invited!

Yours in health,


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‘NoVax’ Novak Djokovic Wins Moderna-Sponsored U.S. Open; Country Music Star John Rich Tells The Country Truth; Are all COVID Variants Man-made?; Was Every Omicron Variant Man-made?; Africa: The Accidental COVID Experiment; Member of European Parliament, Christine Anderson Speaks Out Against The Threat of The W.H.O. Pandemic Treaty in the European Union; The Launch of ICAN Legislate

Guests: John Rich, Christine Anderson, Aaron Siri, Esq.​


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Dear Friend,
During menopause, low levels of key hormones like estrogen and progesterone can make a mess of your sleep and overall energy levels. One minute, you want to stay in bed all day and the next, you cannot relax and get even a few minutes of shut eye. The result is extreme, ongoing tiredness. What gives?
There are certain basic truths about energy production that apply no matter what the situation — e.g., all energy starts at the cellular level within your mitochondria, the tiny “energy powerhouses” of your cells.
To support energy creation, mitochondria need a steady supply of oxygen, glucose, and nutrients. That is why respiration and circulation play such important roles in your energy levels — every breath you take supplies fresh oxygen. And your blood delivers all the necessary energy ingredients to your mitochondria.
If you have even one small glitch at any point in this process, you will be left feeling sluggish, weak, tired, sick, and unmotivated.
Learn about the most common energy drains and get advice on how to address them using holistic therapies.​


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check out these recent episodes from Rosie Radio:



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Hi Jimi,
Did you know that a staggering 77% of adults admit to experiencing regular physical symptoms caused by stress? But here’s the shocker: a simple daily routine might just be the antidote we've all been seeking!
Deep within the realms of ancient yoga, lies Viparita Karani - the Legs Up the Wall pose. Celebrated by athletes, dancers, and even the most overworked office employee, this inconspicuous pose promises not only to melt away the tensions of modern life but also to bestow a range of physical benefits that science is just beginning to uncover.
Discover the Secret: 3 Things Happen When You Put Your Legs Up Against A Wall Everyday
Imagine combating daily stress, increasing blood flow, and reducing inflammation, all from the comfort of your own home. And the best part? It doesn’t require any special equipment or vast expanses of time. A wall, a few quiet moments, and you're on your way to rejuvenation.
Why This Should Be on Your Radar In a digitally-charged world where downtime is a luxury, tools like Viparita Karani are invaluable. From improving hamstring mobility to reducing lower back pain, and notably, elevating your mood, this pose is the unsung hero waiting to be incorporated into your daily ritual.
Embark on a Wellness Revolution: [Unlock the Secrets of Viparita Karani]
Transform your daily grind into an opportunity for holistic well-being. Seize this moment, enrich your wellness toolkit, and open the door to a rejuvenated version of yourself.


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This is amazing!

Thanks to a new medical breakthrough, it’s now possible to virtually disease-proof your body.

It doesn’t matter how healthy or unhealthy you may be right now. It doesn’t matter what bad choices you may have made in the past. It doesn’t even matter if you have a “family history” of heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s or anything else.

This breakthrough allows you to prevent nearly every chronic health condition… and… dramatically improve your health right now.

So what is this amazing breakthrough?

It’s a cutting-edge form of DNA testing.

And on today’s podcast, I talk with Kashif Khan, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of The DNA Company, about how DNA testing can change your life.

Listen to the full interview now, where Mr. Khan and I discuss:

  • How to stop almost any chronic disease years before you have any symptoms…
  • How to use your unique genetic information to detox more efficiently…
  • How to diffuse genetic “ticking time bombs” before they obliterate your health…
  • How hormone genetics can help you look and feel younger, more vibrant, and more energized…
  • Inspiring real-world stories of people who saved and restored their health with DNA testing…
  • And much, much more!
>> You can watch/listen to the podcast here (a full transcript is also available!)

I was blown away by my talk with Kashif Kahn.

This is one of the most inspiring, exciting, mind-blowing interviews in my 500+ episodes of the Myers Detox Podcast.

Don’t miss it!


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Top 12 Foods to Reduce Inflammation

The autoimmune diet is a powerful way to reduce inflammation and autoimmune conditions. When the body is inflamed, your immune system is weakened. This can lead to the development of autoimmune conditions. Continuing the cycle, autoimmune conditions cause more inflammation in the body.

To prevent, improve, or heal from an autoimmune condition, it is critical to reduce the inflammation in your body. Choosing the right foods to nourish your body is one of the most critical factors for reducing inflammation and preventing or improving autoimmune conditions.



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Top 15 Herbs to Support Liver and Gallbladder Health

Your liver and your gallbladder are two important organs that are involved with the formation of bile. Bile is a digestive secretion that helps emulsify fat and as a result aids the digestion and detoxification processes.

Healthy bile flow is absolutely essential for your overall health. But how to achieve good bile flow? You can use a variety of herbs to support your liver and gallbladder for bile flow.



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Leptin Resistance: Causes, Symptoms and Support Strategies

Do you have trouble losing weight? Do you find that after an initial weight loss from a diet, you quickly gain the weight back?

Are you stuck in a cycle of yo-yo dieting? Do you have cravings and feel hungry even after meals? You may have leptin resistance.

Leptin is a hormone that signals your brain if you need more food for energy or if you have enough fat stored. The problem is that if you have leptin resistance, your brain is unable to recognize leptin signals and drives cravings, unhealthy eating habits, and weight gain.



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3 Tips to Stop Sugar Craving

In this video, you will discover my top tips to stop sugar cravings. When you get your mind and body right, you can overcome this temptation and choose foods that bring life and health.

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If you're called to be an herbalist, you want to make a big impact in the world by sharing the healing power of plants — which is needed more than ever right now.
But where do you start? What do you focus on?
And how do you NOT get totally overwhelmed by all the information out there??

You're probably super busy already and your herbal studies get continually pushed to the back burner — so how do you learn the most in the least amount of time?
This is why I created the Vitalist Herbalism Mini-Course.
Cause sometimes all you need is a roadmap — a clearly defined pathway that'll rapidly accelerate you towards being a practicing herbalist, helping the folks in your family & community with plant medicine.​
In this complimentary workshop series, you'll gain key tools you'll need for being an effective herbalist:
  • The practice of vitalism and how to avoid allopathic herbalism
  • How to understand and learn the energetics of plants
  • The best framework for doing an amazing client intake
  • Using herbs safely and avoiding the wrong remedy
  • How the top herbalists strategically formulate
  • The art of effective herbal therapeutics
  • How to develop more confidence in yourself
Becoming an herbalist is a lifelong journey to mastery, but if you follow the pathway I layout in these workshops, you'll take a huge step towards your dream of being a practicing herbalist.
Just keep in mind you'll get a few more emails in your inbox than usual since you'll be getting access to an entire series of complimentary herbal classes coming out in the next few weeks.
Take care & enjoy the classes,
PS: If you know me well, then you know I like to go all out. I believe in offering herbal education at no cost to empower & educate our community of plant healers.
So, throughout this course, you’ll get loads of templates, worksheets, tables, and other downloads that will help you gain clarity and confidence in your work with herbs. Please join me and check it out!​


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“As millions of people around the world have already discovered, Qigong essentially reverses the aging process, while reducing stress, preventing illness, curing disease, and enhancing the overall quality of life.” ~Master Mingtong Gu


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Services That Can Hasten Recovery From a Cardiac Event

By Chauncey Crandall, M.D.

Following a cardiac event that landed you in the hospital, check on these two services which you may be entitled to under Medicare or many private insurers: a nutritional consultation and a cardiac rehabilitation program.

These two important services can make a huge difference not only in how well you’ll recover, but also in your life afterward as well.

Special: Dr. Crandall Saved His Own Heart With This

There is a lot of nutritional information on the internet or in the media, but one of the pitfalls is that a lot of it is likely to be wrong.

Heart disease patients have special needs, which is why Medicare and most private insurers will pay for you to have a nutritional consultation with a registered dietitian (RD) or similar trained nutritional professional before you leave the hospital. Such an expert can provide the following:

Personalized dietary advice. You’ll be asked questions about your medical history, favorite foods, eating, and exercise level, with the goal of creating an individualized plan that’s perfect for you.

Help in managing chronic diseases. People with coronary artery disease often have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and possibly diabetes. Other conditions like kidney disease or cancer can also make dietary choices difficult.

Tips to navigate food allergies, sensitivities, and intolerances. There is a lot of misinformation out there about what to eat and what not to eat, and a lot of current fads as well, leading to confusion. A dietary professional can help sort out the truth from the fads and fallacies.

Weight loss. If you need to lose weight, this can also be incorporated into your dietary plan.


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Please join Sajah and I for a brand new webinar...

Thinking Beyond The Symptom: a simple & powerful framework for finding the right remedy... holistically.

This webinar dispels the many myths of modern herbalism and shows you how to avoid that allopathic trap.

The best part is that Sajah provides a simple and powerful framework for remedy making success.

You see, holistic herbal medicine isn’t about the plant you are using, it’s HOW you use it.

This is really cool stuff!

I hope to see you right here.

In health,


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If you're suffering with “unexplainable” symptoms...

Everything from chronic fatigue, headaches, hair loss, and constipation...

To anxiety, depression, irregular heartbeats, or hormonal imbalances …

You could be one of the estimated 200 MILLION people who have thyroid disease and adrenal dysfunction.

If so, you'll be happy to know that our friend Jonathan Landsman, a natural health expert for over 35 years, recently assembled 22 of the world's leading experts on thyroid and adrenal health to create a very important online educational program, Thyroid and Adrenal Health Docu-class.​
Thyroid and Adrenal Health Docu-class is a complimentary program will reveal everything you need to know about how to overcome thyroid disease and adrenal dysfunction.

The Top 10 things you'll discover:

1. The most common signs of low thyroid function and why you should NEVER ignore early warning symptoms

2. Are you suffering from Hashimoto’s disease? Discover the treatment protocol that could bring your Hashimoto’s into remission

3. How common dental procedures and materials can damage your thyroid (and how to avoid being harmed by a well-meaning dentist)

4. Stressed out and gaining weight? Discover the intimate connection between thyroid dysfunction and emotional struggles

5. Everything you need to know about thyroid and adrenal lab testing (but were afraid to ask your doctor)

6. Are you taking cholesterol-lowering medication? Don’t miss this urgent message about how conventional treatments threaten the adrenals and increase your risk of disease

7. Tips for better adrenal function … including the best vitamins, minerals & herbs to take (plus the BIG “medication mistake!”)

8. How to safely supplement with iodine - there's definitely a RIGHT way and a WRONG way to do this

9.Worst foods for thyroid health … including many of the most loved foods on the planet

10. Western medicine doesn’t recognize or properly test for adrenal dysfunction (but this detailed protocol can detect problems early)
As you can see, the Thyroid and Adrenal Health Docu-class has all the answers you've been looking for - and many more you've never even considered!

This one-of-a-kind online program is no cost to you, and starts Tuesday, October 3.

To better health,​


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Today's Thought:

"A coincidence will always be a coincidence until
it's significance is realized."​



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My wife and I are hosting a free sourdough breadmaking workshop, and some of the most common questions we get are…

How much time does it take? Is it possible to accomplish in one day? How do I keep up with it year round?

All great questions!

My wife Savannah and I co-run our Farm on Central while raising three kids. As you can imagine, we’re not spending our days lounging around on the back porch. In fact, if your life is anything like ours, you probably have your hands full.

But, despite that, we’re dedicated to making a lot of our own food. We want to make sure that what we’re putting on the table is good for our kids, and has high nutritional value. Plus, we save money in the kitchen as much as we can.

One of the ways we do that is by making our own bread. Despite the busyness of life, we bake a fresh batch of sourdough weekly! And guess what…you can too!

savannah holding sourdough loaf

Breadmaking is for ANYBODY, no matter how busy​

There’s a misconception that breadmaking is only a hobby for people with lots of spare time.

We’re here to prove that wrong!

Over the past six years of breadmaking, my wife Savannah has mastered the art of making sourdough simple and consistent, without spending extra hours in the kitchen. In our free Sourdough Starter workshop, she’s going to share exactly how she does it!

You’ll learn…

  • how to maintain your starter the easy way
  • how to create an efficient breadmaking schedule
  • how to get a consistent sourdough texture
  • and more!​
Time is valuable, and we’re not interested in teaching you complicated baking that will take hours and hours.

Instead, we want to equip you with the skills you need to simply make bread for your family, without cutting into your busy schedule.

Join the workshop today!​

If you’re ready to become a brand new breadmaker, join us for our upcoming Sourdough Startup workshop! The workshop runs from September 22-24, with a new video released each day.

Sourdough breadmaking is one of the efficient, economical ways we feed our family, and we’re excited to share our love of sourdough with you!

I think you’ll enjoy sourdough as much as we do :)


P.S. Have a friend you can bake with? Let them know so they can sign up too! Just send them this link to register:

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