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Madvapes Columbia, SC

Hey guys,
I checked out the recently opened Madvapes here in Columbia, SC. I've been a regular for juices and mods for about a month or so now and let me just say, wow. Their staff is very knowledgable, personable and very friendly. These guys really know what they're doing with their shop. So let's get on to the pros and cons:
PROS: - Knowledgeable, friendly, professional, amazing staff
- Location: (subjective but I think I can speak for a bunch of people) It's located in Columbia's downtown 5 points area behind walgreens on Santee and for me, this is an amazing location, only about a 5-10 minute drive and hours are very convenient.
-Shop: Inside, there are couches with a coffee table, ample inventory and counter with cool music playing creating a nice atmosphere to boot
-Price: Now for me this isn't much of a concern because the customer service is spectacular and its local people running the shop so spending that little extra isn't so bad. But that being said my Smok Xpro m80 plus came out to $88 after taxes when on the web you get can it for less, but I stand with the people at Madvapes.
Nothing really else is a con beside limited things they carry, which for me is good because or else i'd buy the whole damn store!

Have a good one guys, keep chuckin the clouds!
-Sam Harrison


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Another great thing about local b&m that make me willing to pay the higher prices is sometimes you can't wait and other times you just don't want to. Plus it is worth a few bucks to be able to see a device you're considering and side by side compare it to others.

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