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Massachusetts 4 Month Ban On All Vape-related products


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So... it seems like nobody reads this thread, but:

I just learned that it's not only ejuice and nic supplies which cannot be legally ordered to Mass, but anything vape-related, including coils and all kinds of hardware.

As a primarily MTL vaper, I rely on prefabricated coils (Nautilus, protank, Kanger Subtank coils) in my day to day vaping. I'm fine for a while for e-juice supplies, but my coils are just about gone and when I went to re-order from my usual online places, they regretfully informed me that they couldn't ship anything to me.

I'm hoping someone might have some ideas about how I can replenish my coil supply. Please feel free to send me a message.

thanks very much! :confused:

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