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Massachusetts vapers -- check out fasttech


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Hey there! Recently realized that it's not just juice I can't buy (even online) in MA during the four month ban. I've been looking for alternatives for coils, batteries, etc.. So far, my experience has been that if the shop has "vape" or "e-cig" in the name, they won't ship to MA or any of the other banned states-- not even an ohms reader. (bitter LOL!).

fasttech, however, does seem to be willing to ship to MA, so, although it takes time, and the product quality is not an utter certainty, I have had good results with them in past. Hope this is helpful to anybody else in my position.

I'd also like to put out a call for anyone who knows of DOMESTIC online distributors willing to ship non-nicotine (but items which may be construed as vaping-related) products to Massachusetts.

Please feel free to message me if that works better for you than responding here. I'm looking for Nautilus coils and the very small old protank coils right now.

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