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Mod given to me

Ms. Trixy

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Very nice, Chum! Those extension glasses from Inked Atty are huge. Good stuff.
When you get new stuff why not post it in the Vape Mail thread.

And, I see you like Big Fish games. Since you like playing at the PC, try You don't have to pay to play except if you want play premium games like Gin, Spades, Canasta...there are others, too. Including hidden object games. I play Gin there all the time. I think it's $43 a year. Take a look - it's full of fun games!


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i was at a expo in china and lost vape was there. i blew their minds cuz most i vaped at 150w using my goon 528 on their mod, and they blew my mind with the base price at 155 USD. seriously 155 USD is quite steep here in china cuz of the rise of pods

its a nice mod, with someone gave me a free 400w mod lol instead of cheap pods

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