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N Alabama Vape, Brick and Mortar Stores


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Hi all,
New member here and looking over the forums I didnt find any listed Brick and Mortar stores for Alabama so I thought I would list a few that I know of. I am only listing the names and the area they are located at. Should be enough for you to get a phone number and more info. This is only shops I have visited I am sure there are others.

So here goes.

Shop Name General Location Brief Description

Vape On; Madison Alabama Good selection of
and Juice. Provari Dealer
rebuilding supplies

Proffessor Vapes; Madison Alabama Good Juice selection,
some gear (limited)

Vapors; Arab, Al Good Gear selection Mech
and regulated, Wide
selection of juice and a
house brand at custom

Sweet Home Vapor; Guntersville, Al Gear and Juice. Have
house brand juice line
that is barrel aged. And a
Active vape club.

A Better Alternative; Albertville, Al Gear and Juice, nice

Eco Smoke Huntsville, Al Gear and Juice,
University Drive location
has custom box mods.

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I just discovered I shouldn't hit the tab key when posting. ha


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Welcome to the VU. have fun


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Sweet Home also has a store in Gadsden where I live as well as another store in Boaz near where I work. There's another store in Boaz called vape escape. The juice quality isn't great and they are mostly geared towards beginners. The staff of vape escape isn't very knowledgeable on what they sell either. There's another store in rainbow city but I can't remember the name of it though. Have heard from others they are not very knowledgeable either.
Hey everyone, first post on VU! I thought I'd chime in and add two awesome shops that I frequent because of their great products and service.

ECig South located on hwy 21 between Jacksonville and Anniston, great people, great selection of liquids and devices, complimentary water and coffee, tables, chairs, couch, a drill press, and an ELABORATE juice tasting bar, I mean this thing is NIIICE. It's a great place to hang out. (website does not stay very updated as most of their business is from the actual store. Just do yourself a favor and go)


Vulcan Vape in Homewood, huge selection of everything, knowledgable staff, and you get "vape bucks" every time you make a purchase. They also have locations in ATL and Nashville.

I swear by both of these stores for friendly service and for having the latest popular gear and liquids.

Hope you fellow Alabamians give them a shot.

Take care!

Do you guys know of a B&M where I can buy e juice flavors and vg to make my own e juice?
I live about 25 miles north of Gadsden, Al.

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