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Need help on my cloud chase

Magma or Plume Veil?

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I currently own an authentic Panzer, and would like to start cloud chasing. I am using a .31 ohm build on a Paradigm Modz Magma, with drilled holes, but the clouds just aren't big enough. I am using an efest 26650 (32a/64a) that has 3500mah. Any suggestions? Btw, i would like to keep the Panzer.
(new to cloud chasing and I feel I left out information so feel free to ask questions)


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Pardon me, but isn't the Panzer 18650, not 26650?

Also, the plume veil is a much better option if you are looking to "chuck clouds". The Magma RDA is for flavor chasing.
Pardon me, but isn't the Panzer 18650, not 26650?

Also, the plume veil is a much better option if you are looking to "chuck clouds". The Magma RDA is for flavor chasing.


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I hope you've got an ohm's meter, a tooth pick, and some patience...it takes time to learn and read everything but once you've got it down it's safer and not as complicated as it seems...on top of these threads search youtube for builds from people like twisted messes...

26650 mods can seem like the better option for cloud chasing in the beginning because they've got bigger batteries with high pulse ratings (which in the beginning is dangerous to base your builds of off,,,you've got to learn the rules to bend or break them...I hope you stay within the maximum continuous drain ratings for your batteries at the moment as you said you're new to cloud chasing and safety is key above all. A .3ish build is a good place to start)
But 26650 batteries in general, well, most on the market are an older design and a lot of them are rewraps like their 18650 cousins and a lot of them have not a super high, but a higher internal resistance than their newer and better chemistry 18650 cousins which can lead to greater voltage drop and sag as well as quicker internal resistance increases from heat stress as the PCB tries to raise the internal resistance to keep up and protect itself if you're pulsing and stressing the batteries at their max amp limits, even continuous limits for extended periods of time. Especially brands like Efest that are legit manufacturer's cells rewrapped they can sometimes be hit and miss in quality.

I am glad you're being safe and keeping it in the .3 range right now, that's a good place to start. An authentic Magma is an incredible atty to have, and you just made my infinite clone jealous but that atty, even with drilled out holes is not meant for cloud chasing. It's design is purely build with flavor in mind. The Plume Veil is much better suited for clouds bud. But since you have a 26650 mod you have the option to find something like the giant Mutation X or search for any other 26650 clone atty...as authentics can be quite expensive in this size I strongly recommend doing some research and trying a clone of your next purchase and if you like it and want to go authentic go for it that way. I wish I still had my authentics but that's another story for another day.

The links above will provide you with basic information as well as an ohm's law calculator and the steam engine coil building tool. If you have specific questions please ask, there are no wrong questions, just wrong people answering them :)

Also, what gauge wires and types are you using and what is the inner diameter of your coils? are they single, dual, parallel? There are several factors that go into the clouds, not just any one will make big foggy vapes happen. Let me know what you think from the info in the threats linked above.

I have to tell you, as I am sure I said it in those threads....There's a stereotype rapidly proving itself of young people (18-25) that just want to blow as big as clouds as they can with as minimal effort and money involvement as possible. Some of them have never even used tobacco products or trying to get away from nicotine...just trying to blow clouds because it looks cool. I am not here to tell someone old enough what to do or not to do, but I am here to help keep them safe because mech mods and RDA's are advanced vaping items and if used improperly can cause serious harm to the person using them and their surroundings if not careful. The only safety features of a mechanical mod and and RDA is the health of the battery and knowledge the user possesses to keep themselves safe. I am sorry but I am big on learning safety first and fun second...they go hand and hand.

It sounds like you're not completely in that stereotype because you're asking questions and trying to be somewhat safe which is really awesome...but I am wondering if you built that coil or was it built for you and like I asked above if you have an ohm's reader because owning one is NOT an option for rebuilding. Everything I have said and asked has being out of concern for your safety and general well being.

One last thing, in those links you'll see this as well but I hope you have a good intelligent battery charger...like from the LUC series or an Xtar or Pilla, or at least a Nitecore. Clone attys and clone mods are fine to use, but cheap batteries and cheaper chargers are accidents waiting to happen. Batteries and chargers are the two things above all else you need to make sure are high quality and functioning properly...if you're not sure about a battery then it's time to recycle it.

I hope to hear from you soon and see an update on your progress...good luck, happy reading and safe happy vaping :)

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