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new vape laws in australia 2


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further to my original post i decided to try a bit of fun. as the minister for health invoked these new stupid laws, i visited the office of his opposition party, we spoke about the ludicrous statements this this cretin made, i said roughly the following to this politician (no,i wont call him a friend) i told him we should thank the idiot who said it would stop young kids vaping. i thank him for doing so as he has now made it so so much easier as now there is already a big and i mean big underground supply group where you can get anything you want much cheaper than before . plus thanks to the idiot i purchased so much gear at a fraction of the cost i would normally pay as the stores now have tons of stuff they cant sell in 4 weeks time. you cant even buy coils or atomisers!! so the politician has now made it easier, cheaper and opened doors for more and more juice that because it is black market, nobody will ever know just what is in the juice! he has now not only made himself look like an idiot, he is now to blame for future vapers to get very very sick as they can buy it for next to nothing but will have no idea of what they are sucking on!
he did not listen to the old saying "sometimes it is better to keep your mouth shut and let people think your stupid, than it is to open your mouth and prove it"
thank you for making my vaping so much cheaper, and what will you say about the many stores that will now close. the many people now getting paid dole money from your government as the have no job, the loss of land tax due to shops closing, the large increase in cigarette/ tar related deaths and illnesses, i hope not but you now have given a lot of young people, including your own family a much more likely chance of death or severe illness as they will now have no choice but to suck on bloody cancer sticks which dont need a doctors certificate to obtain.
mr politician ....on behalf of people who vape, we thank you for saving us a lot of cash even though the waiting list to get into hospital (another cost to you)will be now much longer. you have proven what we all lot are as much good as a glass eye in the fog!!!!!

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