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Nicotine/Cotinine test HELP

So I’m getting a job at the hospital and it is a tobacco free hospital and test for nicotine/cotinine. I don’t have a vape or ecig or juul. I used to but stopped a while back. My friend has a juul and I’ve been using it a little bit lately. Not frequently at all. Friday Saturday and now today (Monday). Probably haven’t even used up a full tank (.7 ml) at 5%. How am I looking for a test in 8 days counting today? Just a little stressed about it. Obviously not touching it again until after the test. My stupidity. Any thoughts on how I will be for the test? Thanks a lot in advance


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Just leave the vape alone! Cotinine has a half life of about 20 hours. Meaning in a week you should pass.

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It’s weird to me that a hospital would discriminate for employment based on nicotine and cotinine usage, but every hospital I’ve ever been to employs a lot of morbidly obese doctors, nurses and technicians. I think they’re picking on the wrong thing if their goal is to promote good health.

Best of luck to you!


In my defence, I was left unsupervised ^^
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The presence of nicotine in urine can usually be detected within 2-4 days after cessation. Cotinine levels, on the other hand, can remain present in urine for up to 2 weeks in regular nicotine users and for up to 3 weeks or longer in heavy nicotine users


Could be touch and go for you depending on how much you’ve vaped ...careful picking it back up after the test it will likely invalidate any health insurance cover they provide if detected
Hey, I propose that initially you don't stress, then somehow try to accumulate all your powers to solve the whole problem. Initially you need to understand that a test must be done qualitatively, so you should not rush it. Then until you get the results I suggest you do a study and see what are those products that can bring these consequences. I found a list on / I think it's the most exhaustive. As far as I know, even performance athletes lead by this list.

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