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paranormal 250c left only price $100 shipped. Price drop


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Would like to sell mods since I only use pods now
1. Paranomal250c 9/10-$140 shipped
2. Bonza mech kit ss 9/10-$30 shipped
3. Keen mech ss-9/10 $50 shipped
4. Vgod pro mech 2 kit-9/10-$40 shipped
5. Mage v2 mech w/stack section 8/10-$40 shipped
6. Half moon squonk 9/10-$60 shipped
7.unicorn vapes mdx kit-9/10$50 shipped



I have boxes for all just gotta get them out of closet

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Is the Bonza mech kit still available? Pm on its way to ya. Second choice would be the VGod Pro mech kit.

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