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Phoenix Box Mods joins Snortin Boar

As many have may or may not seen Phoenix Box Mods has joined up with Sortin Boar to build a PWM DNA fit board !
yes full color pwm that fits a DNA 250c cut out ! so far we have sold alot and the feed back with t he board is outstanding - desktop app to control the board is awesome !!

if anyone is interested in this awesome chip set let me know
I live in the uk and as yet can not find anywhere her that sells PWM boards.

I had intended on purchasing Big Al's "Ant" but the store no longer stocks them when I went to purchase 2.

Do you have a retail outlet in the uk for the board only?

or anyone knw where I may purchase something suitable for a 2x battery box capable of low but sensibly safe coils builds and an out put of around 120watts (despite unlikely to go above 75-80watts)

I believe the 1st image is the exact board (Big Al's ipwm ant 65 - something like that) which I'd spent a month researching (procrastinating) for as I didn't want the OKR (?) back then, but didn't matter as no longer stocked when I went to add them to my cart....

No MAP? Seems pricey for PWM box.: FastTech Forums
Now I'd be happy for 1 that safely works in the ball park of what I need let alone all the "magic" this 1 did but as you say yours has an LCD screen readout? Sign me up (?).

Below is a slightly different board spec but thats what I need plus voltmeter but with an actual led screen ! now we're talking.

voltmeter wiring diag but low res so used above pic.
Big Al's Sled Mount 4S PWM Wiring Diagram | Uap

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