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^That is the mod working perfectly fine, for clarification

I received this yesterday, second hand. I don't like the user modification applied to it which was previous owner's preference, but not mine. He removed locking mechanism, which while it has advantages, means the button requires a deeper press than without that modification

This will run while I have coffee etc. If I check later and there are multiple posts, I'll run names through a randomiser. If there are none I'll either wait it out or bin the mod

Not because the mod is bad. I paid $200 which is below RRP. I just don't like it, and don't keep mods which I don't use. And have no patience to wait days for a sale

But, of course the tin foil hats will come out. Because nobody trusts nice gestures. So people will try to find faults

Any posting questions counts as an entry

Any post at all counts as an entry

If a moderator points out this breaks a rule-that post is an entry

And its not a boro20220717_030744.jpg

Not open for further replies.

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