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Pizza Dave Reviews - The Sourin Air


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Hello everyone and welcome to Pizza Dave’s vape reviews. Today I am going to be covering an older product, the Sourin Air. Yes, it has been out for a while, but better late than never! This device was sent to me by Health Cabin for review.




The Sourin Air is a pod system device that was released quite some time ago (going on a year?) However, after using it, I can see why these devices have become so popular. The air features a simple, compact design, refillable pod system, on/off switch, 16w of power, 400mah battery, and is available in a wide array of colors. I am going to dive into everything you need to know about the Sourin Air and give my final thoughts down at the bottom.



- 1 400mAh battery

- 1 2ml cartridge

- 1 USB cable

- 1 User Manual

- Available in silver, pink, black, charcoal, blue, and probably even more colors that this list depending on vendor!




The Sourin Air is a basic system that just about anyone can pick and start vaping on. First step is to fill the 2mL pod with liquid (I opted for 25mg nic salts), charge it up, and turn on the device via on/off switch. Once the device is given some time to saturate, it is ready to vape. This device fires using an onboard inhale switch, so it is a breeze to use as well.




I have to say that I was impressed with the flavor I got out of this device. It was just as good as any other entry level pod or all in one device I have been testing lately. I never had issues with dry hits issues with the pods at all. My only gripe was that the battery didn’t keep up as well as other pods. I got through about half a pod before it began to flash red which meant it was time to charge. It is convenient enough to charge via usb, but I still wished it lasted a bit longer.

Pictured next to Joyetech Exceed Edge


Hand check (tiny)




The Sourin Air isn’t new by any means, but it earns a thumbs up from me. I found myself grabbing it on the go all of the time. It is super small, yet highly functional. It is simple enough for anyone to use and satisfying enough (with higher nic) for even advanced vapors to enjoy. This device looks sleek and has a feel that it is built with great quality (Company claiming Iphone level of qc). I wouldn’t mind if it was larger and had a bigger battery to get through at least a full pod. That might be the only flaw I found with this device. Another great aspect of this, is that it is available all over the place. Local shops have pods for them all the time, so it is easy to keep on vaping without waiting for new pods to come in the mail. I use mine all the time, and thoroughly enjoy it.


- Small design

- Easy to fill without making a mess

- Good amount of air flow (hence the AIR name)

- Great flavor

- Quite a bit of vapor production for such a small device

- Pods available locally and all over the net

- Lots of color options available

- Quality feel

- On/off switch eliminates misfiring in pocket

- Juice consumption is very low. All day on one pod no problem

- Satisfying vape for just $25


- Battery life could be a bit better


Thank you all for checking out this review and thank you to Health Cabin for sending it my way so I could review it! If you want to pick one of these up, head on over to Health cabin where it can be purchased for $25.99. Pods also available for around $3!

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