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Praxis clone WARNING!!!

I just purchased a Praxis clone by Limwell. I also purchased a Hobo rda to use on it. The problem I have found is that the base of the Hobo is smaller in diameter than the inside diameter of the Praxis. If you screw the top cap of the Praxis onto the base of the Hobo and then install the both of them onto the battery tube, IT WILL FIRE. With the Hobo base being smaller than the inside diameter of the tube, it will keep screwing in until it makes battery contact.
At this point you have two options. 1) Let it continue to fire until the coils burn off (BAD). Or 2) Attempt to unscrew the RDA by grabbing the glowing coils (Real bad...and it hurt like a SOB).
So in my panicked attempt to unscrew the firing RDA, I managed to short both coils by pinching them against the deck causing them to burn off at the leads. I now have two separate holes burnt through our new linoleum. I haven't told the boss yet but I'm sure she will be less than pleased.
I have since mounted the Hobo onto the K100 and put the Plume Veil on the praxis. All items work great. Just a bad combo in this instance apparently.
Vape Safe.....Happy Holidays!


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You make a good point. I think I am haunted or some crap. I have a real Hades 26650 Mechanical Mod, had it months. No problems at all. I put a new Atlantis on it, Vape a couple and leave. Come back to a real mess. When someone says a mechanical Mod won't fire on it's own, I just smile. :cool:

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