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QP Violator LE RTA problem


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Need help troubleshooting my newly purchased Violator as the top cap is stuck to the portion where the liquid fill ports are, and they are cranked together tightly.

I attempted to use the tool that’s included to un-tighten the two layers. I also tried using rubber bands for traction when in-twisting the two layers but nothing has worked. I suspect there’s a simple solution that I am overlooking.

Any suggestions? I bought the rta from a Canadian outfit (Carrack) so sending it back isn’t an option what with Covid19 I wouldn’t expect ANYONE is accepting returns from America.

Also, I tried posting this issue elsewhere on vaping underground but idk where it ended up so here we are 🤡. Thanks in advance!

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I have a couple QP twist tops but not that one.
Put chimney on to have something to grasp.
Push down on cap before and while twisting.
Make sure twist is correct way, some are to the left some are to the right.

Heating is the idea that the 2 parts will expand at different rates, making them not as tight.

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