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Running Conversation. pt4 How are you celebrating the Holidays?

What are you having?

  • Ham

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  • Turkey

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  • Seafood

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  • What ever I can get my hands on!

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Well the Wife has us going all over the place and Celebrate with everyone.
I want a peaceful quiet day with no one around well I suppose the wife and kids are ok. And some good quality time with my Xbox.


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Got a small plastic tree here. Gonna wind up going up to her mom and dad's later today. Not exactly keen for doing that but not keen to disappoint her either. We won't be there too long.

She has finally seen what kind of people her bro in law and sister are. She don't like 'em none too well. Took her long enough. *grins, nods* I never push or come over as the Lording hubbay, just not my way.

Like seeing our nephews open their gifts. Might have a plate of dinner. Her mom would be steamed at me if I don't. Her mom isn't cooking it but that's not the point. It's her home, you eat.

Probably head back here then, crash, complain of eating too much. Look at some telly, pass out. Think most of what me and her have being gifted to us is gift cards, so we can go buy a few needed bits of extra clothes. Neither of us could think of anything fun, exciting, new we particularly needed or wanted, well, ... a couple billion bucks might be nice. ;) :)

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