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OK what atty and batteries?
Ohm meter as soon as you can.


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i just bought a tugboat box mod to start off vaping. Is a 5 wrap coil with 28 ga wire good?
I don't have an ohms reader
Simple answer: NO.

Long answer (don't tl;dr this shit): you NEED to have a means of checking your coil's resistance before attempting to vape it. This is not an option, not a luxury, it is a NEED.

5 wraps of 28 gauge around a 0.5 mm core (not that you're likely using this) is very different from 5 wraps around a 6 mm core (again, you shouldn't be using this either). Check out Steam Engine, it'll give you rough calculations of what to expect if you know your starting gauge and coil inner diameter (ID) but depending on the tightness of your wraps and myriad other factors what you end up with could vary a bit.

This is my noob thread - I've been slacking on updates for temp limiting and whatnot but for mechs most of what I said a few months ago still holds water:

Check that out, go buy a multimeter or an ohm reader, tell us what kind of atomizer and batteries you're using, and then let us know if you have more questions. Hope this helps...and sorry to sound harsh, but I don't want anyone building a hand grenade that they intend to suck on...

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