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smart phone coil app


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There's a free coil building app for smart phones called "Vapers Toolbox" that I downloaded and have good luck with. Very straight forward and easy to use.


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I use one called vape tool it's for android and I can't say for sure if they have one for Apple or not but last time I looked they didn't. Has alot of stuff that's useful allowing for to change coil types (tiger, Clapton fused etc) and has more options for pro members (4.99 I think for lifetime) it's pretty accurate and easy to use. Also has the ability to save juice recipes for those diyers and helps to adjust amounts of flavors and nic overall it's very useful and I need to remember to buy pro membership.


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They have one for Apple called coil builder. Looks like it's by the same guy as vape tool for android.

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