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SMPO DL02 - review by FranknChill


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Time for my second review thanks to my friends over at SMPO,this i will be trying out the DL02.

Screenshot 2024-07-09 at 23-47-50 Frank Ferrero (@frank_n_chill) • Fotos y vídeos de Instagram.png

First of all let us start with the techy side of the review,here are some stats and specs for you:

Dimensions: 110.9*45.7*28.2mm
Battery capacity: 750mAh
E-liquid capacity: 20ml
Nicotine: 1%
Resistance: 0.6Ω
Wattage: 20w


Performance Adjust airflow freely
Powerful SHISHA vaping
20ml super e-liquid capacity
Mesh coil for ultra flavor
Crux tech born dry-heat stops


Mango juice,Peanut butter,Strawberry ice cream,Lemon candy,Strawberry kiwi,Mix berries,Cranberry grape,Watermelon ice

Unboxing and first impressions:

Similar packaging as in the DL01 but without the lanyard,to be honest it isn't needed with the shape of the DL02.
Nice ergonomic shape which reminds me of old school video game joysticks,kinda feels nice when you vape,fits perfectly in my man bear arms hehe.

This time the drip tip is rounded instead of duck lipped but apart from that it shares the same features as the DL01.
You will find the airflow control on the bottom along the USB Type C charge port and a small LED light that will light on when you use the device and when you're charging it (will go off when its fully charged)

Vaping time:

This time for the DL02 i got the Mix Berries flavor,not a fan of berries but still i got a job to do.

As it says in SMPO's website this is tailored and designed for a more ''soft'' DL which is what i got,tad less true DL than the DL01 but still delivering a nice flavorful vape.
Not a fan of berry flavored e-liquid but i gotta say this actually doesn't taste bad,i am liking it...i mean don't get me wrong i still prefer the Lemon Candy i got on the DL01 but i could use this Mix Berries on the regular and not get tired of it.

I also tried the DL02 in MTL back but as you know i am not an MTL user so i quickly reverted to my DTL ways hehe.

I loved the DL01 and i also loved the DL02,this little disposable delivered the good and will most surely meet any vaping needs you may have.

Here is their website in case you want to check it out:

Thanks for reading my review and thanks to SMPO for sending me this device so i could test it out and review it.


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