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SOLD Delta Revenant 2x700 press to Squonk kit

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It's in a rainbowish colorway it comes with a tank that calls itself reload RDA but it is not THE Reload RDA.

It is a squonk mod that you do not have to open to fill. You press the tip of the juice bottle into the gasket and you can watch it fill up through the window. And then to squonk you simply push a button. If that doesn't make sense to you there are reviews online The system works very well And while there are things that you can change on it it does not have temperature control TCR it is a wattage device.

It originally had an 18650 battery converter which I don't know where it is but I can dig through and find one if you need one and a little 30 ml bottle that you could put e-juice in. Don't know where that one went probably using it. Other than those two things it comes with everything else that it came with.

$40 shipping included. If you want priority or insurance or goods and services that will be extra you pay the difference.

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