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Solo-Flat - Vaptio


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Hi Vaping Underground members, In this review i take a little look at the Solo-Flat from Vaptio. The Solo-Flat was supplied for the purpose of this review by Jason from Vaptio.

In the Box


1 x SOLO-FLAT Drip tip
2 x SOLO-FLAT Tank
1 x User Manual
1 x USB Cable

Aesthetics and Ergonomics

The Solo-Flat has an elegant design, both front and back slope upwards from the sides to meet in the middle. The front of the device has what's described as a fountain indicator, which is a LED strip that runs vertically towards the bottom. The top of the front has a triangular cut-out for the mouthpiece to interlock in the device, the bottom of the front has a pattern of 2 chevrons and the very bottom is pointed in shape. The back of the device matches the front exactly apart from there is no LED indicator strip, one side of the Solo-Flat has a micro USB port towards the bottom with "USB" and an arrow printed next to it, the top of this side as a liquid viewing window. The other side of the device also has a liquid viewing window at the top and branding towards the bottom, the top of the device is the interlocking extended duckbill mouthpiece.


Battery capacity: 650 mAh
Maximum output: 15 W
Top filling 1.5 mL eliquid pods
Smart airflow control chip (instant inhale)
Fountain type indicator light
Duckbill mouth – lip friendly
Ultra slim and powerful
Quick charging: < 2 hrs
Colours: Black and Silver, Black and Gold, Black

The Pod

Unlike the other pod systems i have reviewed recently where the mouthpiece and pod are one piece, they are separate with the Solo-Flat. The pods are clear and rectangular in shape, both inside the device and at the bottom of the pod there are contacts and once filled the pod just needs pushing into place. At the top of the pod to one side is a silicone bung that just needs lifting then pushing to one side to reveal a quite generous (for a pod) sized filling port, the pod holds 1.5ml of liquid. Despite the quite generous fill port i would still recommend the use of a needle nosed bottle for applying liquid, once filled leave for 10 mins then your good to vape. The coil fitted inside the pod is 1ohm and you get 2 pods included.

Using the Solo-Flat

The device operates like a lot of pod devices by simply inhaling, the harder you inhale the more power is activated up to a maximum of 15w. The device's fountain indicator strip shows how powerful your inhale is as it lights from the bottom and how much of the strip lights up is dependent on power activated. The indicator strip also alerts you if any of the safety features kick in. The safety features are, short circuit protection, if there is a short the light shines for 2 seconds and the device won't activate, low voltage protection, when there's not enough power in the battery for the device to operate the strip flashes 10 times, over vape protection, when the length of your vape lasts 5 seconds the light flashes twice and the power stops. When the device is put on charge it flashes 5 times then stays on while charging, when the device is fully charged the device flashes 20 times then turns off. Unfortunately the indicator light doesn't indicate the remaining life of your battery.


The device gives a very airy MTL and you can also get a low wattage restricted DL hit, but the device definitely isn't for MTL users that prefer a tight drawer. The device is putting out 3.8 volts to get the 15w max which will help with battery life. The flavour isn't amazing but perfectly acceptable and cloud production can be very good for this type of device, it's all dependant on the strength of your pull. The extended duckbill mouthpiece is very comfortable on the lips and the device to use is as easy as it gets. This sort of device is efficient and 650mAh doesn't sound much but the device actually gives good battery life. The device charges in less than 2 hours and supports pass-through so you can vape while you charge.


Those that like low wattage but quite a airy vape will find this device ideal, the inclusion of a second pod is a good bonus.


Easy to use
Safety protections
Good battery life
Airy (A pro if that's what you prefer)
Fountain style indicator
2 pods included
Duckbill mouthpiece very comfortable
Efficient device
Good battery life


No battery life indication
Airy (A con if you like tight pull)
Only 1.5ml capacity
Flavour good but not great

I would once again like to thank Jason from Vaptio for supplying the Solo-Flat for the purpose of this review.

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