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Spin It - Vaptio ( A Masterpiece Of Design)


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Hi Vaping Underground members, In this review i take a look at the Spin It pod system from Vaptio. The Spin It was supplied for the purpose of this review by Jason from Vaptio.


The Spin It by Vaptio is a pod system and a winner of a IF Design award. The Spin It has a leak-proof design with a spin action to fasten the mouthpiece into place for vaping or hiding the mouthpiece away within the device which both keeps it clean and hygienic and cuts the power so it's impossible to be fired by accident.

In the Box


1x Spin It Battery
2x Spin It Tank (one pre-installed)
1x Drip Tip
1x USB Cable
1x User Manual

Aesthetics and Ergonomics

The Spin It isn't the smallest of this style of pod system but is still pocket friendly and with it's rounded sides very ergonomically sound. It weighs a lot less than i expected and is made from Anodic Oxidized Aluminum Alloy. I received the Red version, it's also available in Royal Purple, Navy Blue, Turquoise, Black, and Mocha, although not listed on Vaptio's site and not a colour option on the box i have also seen it available in Silver. When in the vaping position the Spin It has a Black mouthpiece which is fixed onto the top section and is non removable, i will describe the look of the device with the mouthpiece fixed into the device. The front of the device has a Black plaque with Vaptio branding on the vertical at the top where the top section interlocks, the same plaque in the same position is also on the reverse. 40% down the front of the device we have a pill shaped fire button which protrudes nicely and is the same colour as the device, finally there is an operational LED at the bottom of the front. Apart from the mentioned plaque on the back the sides and back are featureless with the sides being shorter than the front and back for the top section to interlock. The top section with the mouthpiece hidden away has a Black top with visible indented contacts for when fixing into place for vaping. The rest of the top section is Red but a different Red to the main device giving it an aesthetically pleasing two-tone look. Both sides of the top section has very clear viewing strips for seeing the level of your juice, the base of the device is Black with a central micro USB port. The design is stellar, no question, possibly the best looking pod system i have looked at to date.

Spin It Specs and Features:

Dimensions: 22 x 18 x 133mm
Battery Capacity: Built-in 650mAh
Output Power: 10-15W
Juice Capacity: 1.8ml
Coil Resistance: 1.0ohm
Material: Anodic Oxidized Aluminum Ally
Charging: 5V
New revolutionary master piece
Extremely portable pen-style AIO kit
Compact design with leak-proof engineering
Unique spinnable drip tip design
More hygienic and safer vaping experience
Constructed with anodic oxidized aluminum ally
Easy top refill system
Japanese organic cotton coil
Smooth-tech flavor optimization technology
Colours: Red, Royal Purple, Navy Blue, Turquoise, Black, Mocha

The Pod

The pod is quite a standard looking one, with fixed 1.0ohm coil and removable bung to fill with 1.8ml of e-liquid. The airflow is on the pod itself and is a tiny rectangular slit, straight away you can tell this is a strictly MTL device. To remove the pod from the Spin It device you need the mouthpiece fixed inside the device then simply grip the Black section at the top and pull, to fit the coil in place simply slide the pod into the void in the top section and click into place.

Spinning It

Once the pod is filled and fixed into position you lift the top upwards (it clicks out of position) and spin the top-piece around to have the mouthpiece facing upwards, then push the top section down and it locks into position. When the top section is locked into position to vape the contacts inside the device connect with the already mentioned contacts which are visible when the mouthpiece is hidden away. When not vaping simply lift the top section (again you can hear as well as see it unlock out of position) and the top can be spun the opposite way, now with the mouthpiece pointing downwards push down and the mouthpiece lowers into the device and locks into position. The device can only fire when locked into position for vaping and when the mouthpiece is locked within the device it is kept clean and hygienic.


long term durability is impossible to say but i thought i would add this section because when i get devices of this nature i use them in-between and while testing other devices rather than using them solidly for 3 or 4 days, so i have had the Spin It quite a while and found even when not using the device in bored moments i've been giving it a good spin (sometimes aggressively to see how it holds up) and the device is as good as new, the spin mechanism seems very durable in fact the whole device is still immaculate.


The Spin It gives a genuine tight MTL vape and the flavour is intense, very genuinely impressed (no idea what material the coils are but excellent). I did try to do a restricted lung hit but couldn't this is a MTL device all the way. You don't get loads of cloud production but it's decent if you like a bit of cloud. I do prefer physical fire buttons on pod devices and because the Spin It can't fire when not in use this has allowed Vaptio to have a very protruding one on the device that has a satisfying click. The device will weaken as the batteries run down, you get about 14W when battery is full and at the lowest the device gives about 10W, i found the reduction in power happened so gradually and even at 10W gave a really good MTL vape ideal for high nicotine and nic salts. As i mentioned i used this device not solidly but over a period of time and i am still using the pre-installed pod which is giving the same great flavour as when it was fresh also as ever the battery life seems better than 650mAh (Vaptio products always seem very efficient). The LED flashes 5 times and won't vape when the voltage is too low and you need to charge the battery, the LED also flashes 5 times and power cuts when you vape for 10 seconds finally the LED flashes 5 times and the device turns off if there is a short circuit


A MTL pod device of the highest quality, yes the design talks the talk, but also the flavour and performance walks the walk.


High build quality
Spin design
Mouthpiece kept clean and hygienic when not in use
Can't fire by accident
Lovely looking
Pocket friendly
Ergonomically friendly
Great flavour
Seems durable
Flavour lasts
Refillable pods
Good battery life


Lack of battery life indication
Non adjustable airflow

I would once again like to thank Jason from Vaptio for supplying the Spin It for the purpose of this review.

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