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VU Vendor
VU Vendor
Did you try a new flavor?
Get vape mail?
Try a new build or coil?
Talk to someone about vaping?
But something cool?

Post up anything vape related that you did today!

Here is my contribution:

Today I made 4 x 30ml bottles of DIY juice.
Strawberries and Cream
Simple Blue Raspberry
Raspberry Lemonade
Vanilla Cream Tobacco

How about you all?
Been vaping all day long brugggh.
got a pod last week and it is sooo good (just started vaping)
this is the one
dunno if it's good or not tho
any recommendations?
ever seen this brand before?


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Hi @5150sick,

I don't know about Karin, but I'm responsible for promotion for CoilART and only for CoilART now.
Can you give this account the authority to be a VU Vender?
Much love.
I put you in for a badge.
it may take up to 24hours.
thanks :)

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