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The Daily Mixing Thread

Howard Hughes

the way of the future....
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Any ideas for using FA Kiwi? I have 30 ml and have only tried the original SFT (I like it) I actually totally forgot I have this flavor.
Also, and ideas for fruit flavor combinations (besides the common ones like strawberry banana, kiwi strawberry, ect)? I was watching a Grimmgreen video and he mentioned white peach/ raspberry (I have both) I would have never thought of that but will try it anyway.
As previously suggested by others on here, I also like FA Kiwi mixed with peach & watermelon.
This one I've been making for about 5 years.



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This thread is really slow (that's OK... maybe I can give it a boost)
Mixed PB & J french toast (this time with orange marmalade that I already love)
Mixed kiwi peach watermelon (suggested by HH)
And a quick white chocolate peppermint (LB one shot) that I use while waiting to mix more of my chocolate tangerine mint cream (freaking love it) Might even mix more of that in the morning (yes... that one of the recipes I keep saying I should mix larger batches) Don't want to explain. but my living situation makes mixing tricky (right in the middle of a recipe, here comes mom... very distracting) Look folks... don't want to explain, but I have lived on my own since 1979... now (because of a medical issue that is now resolved ) stuck here for now. I was going to try kiwi strawberry watermelon, but I did ask for unusual fruit combinations so went with HH advice and I'm starting to think he may be brilliant (or at least his recipes) Can't wait to try this one.
On a side note... WG has given me some really good tips.
thank you @wildgypsy70 and @Howard Hughes


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Oh... I forgot to say... medical condition taken care of (hernia surgery) healed and quite well. Unfortunately (because of the current COVID stuff and my age, it's hard to get a job) All is well... just kinda stuck for now.
Glad your hernia surgery went well! Fingers crossed things will get better. Most importantly you’re healthy the rest will hopefully work out.


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Thank you all for the suggestion of kiwi peach watermelon... it's so good! I usually add some kind of cream to fruits but this one doesn't need it (would just dull the high notes) It also seems good shake n vape. The PB & J french toast is steeping. Vaping the white chocolate peppermint while I mix another batch of chocolate tangerine mint cream. Finally, adding boysenberry raspberry to my cheesecake (I already know that is good)

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