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They All Come Back


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I have been away for a couple years now. The analogs had gotten the best of me and all my vape gear went to the darkest corner of my office for safe keeping. Last weekend I made the decision to try the Vape Thing again and started cleaning out all the Smok tanks I have that had 2 year old juice in them. I remember having a lot of fun here with the contests and meeting new friends. I hope to start the new year with new friends here and maybe get lucky enough to win something.

Happy New Year Everyone.

SnapDragon NY

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Press Corps
Hi and Welcome back!



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LTNS and Glad to see ya off the stinkies again!



My name is Lucy and I am a squonkaholic
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Best wishes for 2021 :wave:


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Welcome back and congrats on dropping the stink sticks.
Still trying to get my wife off them.

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