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Tobacco Bastards E Liquid Review


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Tobacco Bastards Shortfill Range
Tobacco Bastards range of shortfills are made by Flavourmonks from Belgium, a company who pride themselves on their authentic, natural tasting flavours and blends.

They are all 60ml shortfills (50ml of juice and space for a 10ml nic shot), and are all 50/50 pg/vg, so are definitely aimed more at flavour hounds rather than cloudchasers. That’s not to say the clouds are lacking by any means, there is plenty there, but these are really all about the taste.

I’m not usually a fan of tobacco flavours as I’ve not had many great experiences with them. I have had a few exceptional ones, but over all I have found they often range from stale pub ashtray to old damp socks! But I had high hopes that these may be ones to add to my short list of good tobaccos after reading about the company and their ethos. I was not disappointed.

No. 37 Original
NO. 37 Original is a generic tobacco leaf type flavor with sweet, toasted caramel and burnt sugar notes. A versatile tobacco flavor”

Well there is the first surprise! It actually tastes like the description which is very rare indeed. It is a very satisfying, fresh, high quality tobacco. Pleasantly smooth, the caramel and burnt sugar notes add to the quality and enhance things beautifully making this very easy to vape. There is a nice subtle kick to the throat hit which just adds to the authentic taste. What a great start!


No. 33 Light
NO. 33 Light is a nutty, light tobacco flavour with hints of caramel and toasted notes. Medium bodied with a balanced flavor”

Again, the description is spot on. Although this is called light, the flavour is more defined with the sweet notes being stronger in the blend and the toasted flavour bringing more depth to the juice. I preferred it to the original as it is a little more complex and, for me, this made it a more satisfying vape. Smooth and tasty, this could easily be a ADV for me.


No 9 Bourbon
NO. 09 Bourbon is a sweet, nutty, slightly smoky tobacco with caramel and rich, creamy bourbon notes. Medium bodied, smooth character flavor”

This one was a little disappointing compared to the previous two. I have enjoyed tobacco bourbon flavours before and find it is a combination that works well so I was looking forward to seeing what this range had to offer. Sadly, the bourbon wasn’t really strong enough to cut through so it ended up being a good tobacco with a hint of something that if I hadn’t read the name, I wouldn’t have been able to put my finger on. A bit of a shame really as the rest of the range manages to get the flavour balances just right but this one just misses the mark. It is still a good juice but didn’t blow me away.


No.11 Dark Honey
NO. 11 Dark Honey is a mix of a Kentucky Burley tobacco flavor, full bodied with lots of character, with a sweet, rich dark honey flavor.”

I wasn’t too sure what to expect with this one as I wouldn’t really put honey as a flavour that would go well with tobacco but it was surprisingly good. The balance of the honey is perfect, you get the rich sweetness without it taking over, and it is definitely honey rather than a syrup or generic sweetness. It is quite rich and it really compliments the darker tobacco base. It is not one I would have chosen but I’m really glad it was in the pack as it took me far out of my comfort zone and introduced me to something I would easily have missed.


No.29 Coffee
NO. 29 Coffee is a smooth, dark, roasted coffee beans with a creamy, sweet, caramel and whiskey notes added to this tobacco flavour. NO. 29 Coffee is full bodied and very aromatic”

Back on more familiar turf here, I know where I am with coffee! But again, it’s a flavour which many juices get horribly wrong, and bad coffee juice is just plain gross. No need to worry here though as this is delicious. We have a great independent coffee shop in my town and he makes the perfect caramel latte with top quality beans and a gift of being a master barista, and this liquid tastes almost exactly the same with the coffee being bold but with a perfect mix of creamy sweetness. The coffee is the flavour that comes through first, followed up with the fresh tobacco and a perfect throat hit with counteracts the sweet sugar and keeps it all in check.


No.21 Mint
NO. 21 Mint is a perfectly balanced medium-strong minty flavor for a refreshing throat-hit. Full bodied with a rich character flavor”

I used to love a menthol ciggie back in the day so I was looking forward to this one the most when I opened the package. I was quite surprised then when I took my first vape and found that it wasn’t menthol but actual mint, so no harsh freshness but a really tasty sweet minty flavour. I find my tastebuds adjust very quickly to mint and it almost loses its flavour but this one didn’t and I put that down to it being a sweet variety rather than a fresh one. It works really well and is very moreish. Yet another potential ADV for me.


Final thoughts
As I already said, I’m not usually a fan of tobacco juices and I have to admit that I wasn’t really looking forward to doing this review. But sometimes a range comes along which surprises you and this range from Tobacco Bastards certainly did that. These are high quality flavours which have clearly been made with care and attention with a big emphasis on authenticity. The other big surprise was how well my coils coped. Normally tobaccos are coil killers but I have managed to get quite a few tank refills in before having to rework things. These are very clean, even the coffee lasted well which is pretty amazing. If you like tobaccos but haven’t tried this range yet, you definitely need to give them a go.

Many thanks again to Jumponthevape Online Vape Shop for sending these over. These were well packaged and I love the red, shiny padded envelope (simple things please simple minds!). They stock a really great selection of top quality eliquids at some pretty fantastic prices so even if you don’t fancy this range, it’s definitely worth taking a look at what else they have to offer. After all who doesn’t like top quality juice at bargain prices!


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I have their Watermelon. I mixed it at their recommended 10%. Takes like nearly 2 months to steep. But, it’s very tasty. Did you mix the tobaccos at 10%?
I have their Watermelon. I mixed it at their recommended 10%. Takes like nearly 2 months to steep. But, it’s very tasty. Did you mix the tobaccos at 10%?
I usually go a bit higher, around 15% for me as I like them a bit stronger. For steeping, I always accelerate mine by warming them under a warm running tap to get the chemistry process sped up. Steeps in less than a week then...

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