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Top 5 Pro-Vapor Comments Recently Debated by U.S. Politicians


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Here are the Top 5 Statements made when Debating about Vapor Products at The NY State Assembly Hearing on 5/17/17. There were so many, it was difficult to narrow them down. These are not ranked in any particular order. Feel free to rank them in the comments below:

  1. Republican Dean Murray “Let’s talk about some of the chemicals being brought up as harmful. Propylene Glycol was one. Propylene Glycol sounds very scary, sounds very nasty. I’m assuming we all brushed our teeth this morning? Congratulations, you used Propylene Glycol. It’s in toothpaste, it’s cake icing, it’s in cake batter. These chemicals are everywhere.”
  2. Republican Raymond Walter “There are no peer-reviewed studies showing that Vaping leads to smoking. So it’s not a gateway, it’s less dangerous and we’re trying to scare people away from using e-cigarettes – this is only going to keep people smoking. We are actually doing more harm than good by passing bills like this. We are creating worse health outcomes for the citizens in our state.”
  3. Republican Andrew P. Raia “These products are not the same as cigarettes and not all vapor products contain any nicotine. So you can’t throw all vapor products in the same category.
  4. Republican Dean Murray “Nicotine Ingestion from secondhand exposure? Naturally, nicotine exists in strawberries. It is in tomatoes, potatoes, cauliflower, eggplant – are we going to ban those in public? While I understand the concern about cigarette smoke, it’s not the same thing! We are talking about apples and oranges.” (Could not have said it better myself Mr. Murray).
  5. Republican Andrew P. Raia – “If I were Bill Murray, I would be calling this Groundhog Day.” (in reference to ongoing debates on vapor products within the NY State Govt)
Honorable Mention

  • Republican Edward P. Ra – “Some of the studies in England are a little bit ahead of us on this and their top health physician organization are really starting to push e-cigarettes as a potential game changer that can prevent so many deaths that actual cigarettes cause. When London’s top health officials are saying these products are 95% safer, this should really make us take a step back and look at creating a separate category for these products and be much less restrictive with e-cigarettes than we are with cigarettes.”

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What? Some knowledge on the subject? I for one am shocked. Maybe there is hope afterall.

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We still have the idiots in the UK shouting DANGER but more and more studies are backing it up .. I recently pointed out to a younger critic by some 20 years that even though I have been vaping for approx 8 years im in better shape than him can our run him and show him a thing or two when it comes to weight lifting .(I train hard 5 times a week)..he soon walked off with his tail between his legs... never give up educating the uneducated... great to see some politicians say how it is.. the irony of it is that British NHS have published an all time low in lung disease volumes etc and have stated that's it down to the bus education and smoking cessation programme ...however we all know it's down to more people making the switch to liquid from death nails

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