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UBOAT - Kangertech


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Hi Vaping Underground members, In this review i take a look at another pod system, this time the U-Boat from Kangertech. The U-Boat was supplied for the purpose of this review by Jokin from Kangertech.

In the Box


1x Uboat battery
1x Uboat Tank
1x Uboat USB charging dock
1x Manual
Bag of Spare pod bungs

Aesthetics and Ergonomics

The U-Boat comes in a plastic case and it is obvious why it's named the U-Boat as it is shaped like a submarine. The device only comes in black which makes sense being called the U-Boat but maybe a second colour option of Gun Metal would of been good. Kangertech have got the ergonomics spot on with the submarine shape, the battery also has a fine textured finish so has nice grip. The front has an operation LED towards the bottom, and above this barely visible we have "UBOAT" etched on, the back of the device towards the bottom also barely visible we have the manufacturers logo and "KANGERTECH" etched on. The pod which is also the mouthpiece attaches to the top of the device and follows the submarine shape seamlessly, it also is black tinted giving a completely Black finish to the device. The bottom of the device has 2 contacts for charging and doesn't have a micro USB port. The device is entirely plastic but the build quality is good.

Specs and Features:

Uboat Pod
Size: 38 x 22 x 15mm
Capacity: 2ml
Coil: ceramic 1.5ohm

Uboat battery
Size: 22mm x 61mm x 15mm
Battery capacity: 550mAh
Output voltage: 3.7V
Coil resistance: ≥1.5ohm
Charging: DC 5V/200mA
Compact closed system vape device
Smart air-control
Leakproof design
USB charging
Colour: Black

The Pod

The first thing to point out is the pod is refillable but the coil is not replaceable. The pod has 2 contacts at the bottom and centrally a hole that goes from the base right through to the top which you draw from. To one side at the bottom there is a little blue bung which can be pulled out to fill the pod with 2ml of liquid. The bung is small and could easily be dropped but Kangertech supply 5 spares so not an issue. There are a couple of issues though, first the fill hole is tiny, to fill with no problems you will need to do so via a needle nosed bottle so the inclusion of one would of been preferable. The main issue is the tinted colour of the pod making it very difficult to see the juice level and i mean very difficult, i understand why they wanted the pod so black for aesthetic reasons but that being the case there should be a clear line running vertically down the pod to see the juice level. I also would of liked to of seen 2 pods included but the device is not expensive and the pods can be bought in packs of 3 at a reasonable price.

The U-Boat battery

When the battery has the pod pulled out you can clearly see the 2 contacts inside the top, at the bottom of the device are 2 more pin connectors which are for charging. The charger has a standard USB connector one side but then a hood with 2 connectors that you push the end of the device inside, the device has a 550mAh battery and charges in just 30 minutes. I like the charger but is unique to the device so if it stops working or you lose it you will have to buy a new one rather than just borrowing a charging cable from another device. The LED lights up red when charging and turns green when fully charged. The device works just by inhaling so there is no fire button, while you take a vape the LED lights up a very pale blue. The device as certain safety features which are, over vape protection (if you take a very long vape at 10 seconds the device stops and the LED flashes 3 times) and short circuit protection (the device doesn't work when inhaling and again the LED flashes 3 times). When the battery runs down and needs charging the device flashes 10 times but there is no battery indication so you have no idea how close you are to the end of your battery life.


There are cons with this device as i have mentioned but when it comes to performance i can't fault it. The flavour is at least as good as with the Exceed Edge which i reviewed not long ago, the 1.5ohm ceramic coil inside the pod is excellent, and gives even a tighter MTL drawer than the S8. Also the ergonomics and feel in the mouth when vaping is great. The device gives a constant output of 3.7v so the vape is a consistent 9w throughout so it's another device ideal for high nicotine and nic salts also the 3.7v with the 1.5 coil gives very good battery life. The device is 2A charging and as already mentioned charges in just 30 minutes.


A great device for a starter or a tight MTL vaper who wants something convenient but also delivers great flavour. It is also ideal for high nicotine and nic salts and very ergonomically friendly. Beware though, you need good lighting to see your juice level and i strongly advise using a needle nose bottle for applying your liquid or it will get messy.


Great for starter
Great for tight MTL vapers
Very convenient
Pocket friendly
Ergonomically friendly
Comfortable in mouth
Very quick charging
Good battery life
Consistent vape
Very good flavour
Ideal for high nic & nic salts
Easy to use
Great price


Need good light to see juice level
Fill port tiny
Charging cable unique to device
Only one pod included.
No battery indication

I would once again like to thank Jokin from Kangertech for supplying the U-Boat for the purpose of this review.

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