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Used and Unused Stuffs

Hello friends, I have lots of used and unused stuffs, what would you do with them if you were me? All used e-juice bottles from 4 years ago till now, different sealed coils from different brands like SMOK and VAPORESSO and VOOPOO, PNP pods and capsules, Used Big Baby Beast , VOOPOO T2 & Freemax M Pro tanks and their sealed coils and spare glasses, sealed Aegis Max mod. and lots of Freemax Fireluke coils and ,,,,,,,, .
Is there a way I sell them on any website or ,,,, ?

SnapDragon NY

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You could try your luck selling them here on VU- I am not sure what the shipping charge would be if you had buyers. Just make sure you have photos and prices when you list them.

You could try selling the ejuice here


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