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Uwell Caliburn defective products and bad support (Caliburn tenet koko)


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I have bought a caliburn tenet koko last year, and received it almost 4 months later (shipping delay) after 2 months it broke, only lights flashing, not charging, not vaping. You can see the videos: not working-20230521171846327.mp4

I have contacted Caliburn and they sent a replacement unit which I have received today. It has the exact same issue: 2-20230611104834668.mp4 1-20230611104842894.mp4

Is it possible that the coil is breaking them? The coil is also original Caliburn coil used in an original pod. I bought so many coils and pods, but seems now that I have to wait for longer or switch to another device that is more reliable, I had so many Koko devices and they all break somehow.

After sending the information above and the videos clearly showing BOTH devices being defective. I have been denied service from UWELL, they sent me the following message:

Dear friend,We're very sorry to hear that you're troubled by product problem,the feedback of your after sales application as below:
Hello, Thank you for telling us you got the replacement. The device in the video you sent is not the new device. Please send us the correct video for the new device you received. Thank you.Could you please provide more information to us for helping you better.
I am very disappointed.


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