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Vandy Vape Pulse AIO V2 Kit Review By Ben28

Vandy Vape Pulse AIO V2 Kit
Boro-type devices are those that tend to attract many people, although they also displease a large part of the rest. In my case I was surprised with this device, it is my second boro type, since I previously tried the Centaurus B80 from Lost Vape, of which there will be a review soon. Let's stop chattering and give way to the review

A big thank you to Sue from Healthcabin for sending me the Product, remember to register for lower prices.

Nobody nor any brand is paying me to do this review, all you will see are my most sincere opinions, both the positive and the negative.


Vandy Vape
Product Name
Pulse AIO V2 Kit
Output Voltage
Maximum Output Current
Aluminum alloy + Stainless steels + PCTG
Battery Type
Compatible with 18650 battery (not included)
RBA Capacity
Power Range
Filling Type
Easy side fill
Resistance Range
0.42 inch OLED screen
Package Size
Black, Klein Blue, Violet, Red, Celeste, Sakura Pink

Waterproof PCBA
New RBA And Tank
Compac Size
Replaceable Drip Tip And Airflow Pipes
5-80W Output


The device comes in a rectangular cardboard box with a large plastic window so we can see all its contents. At the top left we see the product model, at the right the ``Vandy Vape'' brand and at the bottom we see a collaborator, Tony B, who also collaborated for the Pulse II or the Pulse III for example. The colors that are combined are bluish tones and some white reflections.


On the back we see some warnings, the contents of the box and the main features. The same decoration is followed as in the front area, could we say that perhaps it represents steam? Or at least that's what it seems to me.

In the box
1* Pulse AIO V2 Device
4* RBA Airflow Pipe
1* Instructional Manual
3* Drip Tip Airflow Pipes
1* RBA
2* Drip Tip
1* 510 Adapter
1* Accessory Bag


Once the box was opened, we found the device with the RBA Tank in a custom-made recess on top of a pad. In the area on the right we find the spare drip tip, the Drip Tip Pipes and the RBA Pipes, to control the airflow. We also found a 510 adapter which is appreciated so as not to have to get another mod to build, it is well thought out because perhaps the person who buys it does not have one.


Once everything is sorted a little, we are left with something like this. I must add that I would have liked them to add some of their coils, to test more than anything.

The accessories box includes a Vandy Vape coin, to unscrew or screw the area that connects to the tank, several O-rings, some spare screws, and two screwdrivers, one with a flat tip and the other with a star.

I really liked this packaging, I like that it gives a luxurious tone and it also comes very complete, the only thing that, as I said before, would come in handy even if it is a coil, as many manufacturers usually do.

Device Inspection

The first impression that this product gave me was one of attractiveness, I find it very, very attractive. What is shown in the image is the front of the product. In the left area we see the drip tip at the top, a little further down the tank, the button to which a few presses arrive, referring to the name and at the bottom, a detail that fascinates me, the visible PCBA.

I must say that the button clicks, but a very elegant click that will not bother you at all. The door is hooked by two magnets that, in this case, have some movement.

On the right we can clearly see the battery once inserted.


On the side, what we find will be a fairly wide air intake that will be combined with the bee-style one at the rear. In this way we will achieve a good RDL/DL if we choose the 4.0mm pipe.

It's actually quite a small device, although it looks quite big in the photo.


On the back we see more of the same but in this case we have a 0.42inch screen and two buttons that will help us access the few functions of the device.

Here I show you where the drip tip and the different airflow pipes are inserted, according to the desired vaping style. The coin is used to unscrew/screw the part on the left, we insert the edge of it into the grooves left and turn.

The battery will come inserted here with the negative pole up and the positive pole down. Then we will have to turn the thread to adjust it according to sizes, although since it is 18650 they will all be the same.

I must say a negative point, since the battery is practically attached to the tank, condensation or leaks could reach it, which I don't like at all. Let's take an example, the Centaurus B80 is a Boro-type device like this, but the battery compartment and the tank compartment are completely separated, which for me, at least, conveys more security.


Below we have the insulation, this can be changed by unscrewing the screws, the truth is, I am not very aware of how this works, which is why I have not even touched/given it importance.


This is the screen, it will show us the wattage, the battery, the ohms and a puff counter that will be interspersed with the voltage.

The functions are very simple;
3 Clicks - Enter mode change
UP + DOWN - We can reset puffs or see the firmware information.

The modes are the same as always in Vandy Vape products

- Wattage Mode, the classic.
- Bypass Mode, like a mechanic but with electronics, I don't recommend using it if you don't know the subject.
- Voltage Mode, the same as wattage but instead of being measured in Watts it is measured in Volts.
- TCSS, Stainless Steel Temperature Control.
- TCTI, Titanium Temperature Control.
- TCNI, Nickel Temperature Control.

We can rest assured thanks to IP67 that no condensation will enter here.


Tank time. It looks like this assembled whole. At the bottom we find the air inlet which will lead to the selected Airflow Pipe. In the center we have a chimney that rises to the top. This has a small bay at the top which has a big disadvantage that we will discuss later. The capacity of this is 6mL, very large and will last a long time.


Once completely disassembled we have this.

On the one hand, the base with the deck in which we will create our build. The chimney that goes up to the top. The bell and the tank itself.


Here under the deck will be the airflow pipe, which is threaded, we will change it according to taste. There is also a piece that can be unscrewed to turn it into a 510 deck, adaptable to mods.


This is how it would look mounted with the 510 adapter. To build this deck well, we must use very little cotton. We will find that it works well if it cracks when vaping, otherwise the cotton will be quite dry, which will result in dry hits and lack of flavor.

Vaping Time

After inserting a 18650 with the maximum charge and having built the deck, let's start vaping.

The first thing I noticed was quite a lack of flavor, I don't really understand the reason for this since with the Centaurus Boro, which I also used here, it gave a very good flavor.

As for vapor, I have no complaints, it is a vapor machine, if you are looking for something discreet, don't look here.

The tank has a big disadvantage, the chimney, in the upper part it has a small bay, where liquid is stored after several puffs. When stored it rises to your mouth, filling it with e-liquid. If your liquid has nicotine, this can be quite dangerous, it is very easy to get nic sick this way.

The drip tip is very comfortable and customizable to your vaping taste, from MTL, RDL or DL. Plus there are two.

In terms of battery management it is going quite well, about 240 puffs at 40W with a 100% charge. The battery indicator is quite strange, the first two slots take a long time to run out but when you reach the third, they go down very quickly.

For the rest, removing the issue of condensation, liquid in the mouth and fear for the battery, it is a very good boron-type device but somewhat expensive for what it offers.

Pros And Cons

Modern DesignE-Liquid Getting In Mouth
Very CustomizableCondensation Problems Related To The Battery
Complete ContentLack Of Flavour
Easy Building


I'm going to say it clearly, if it were my money, I wouldn't buy this device, I would look for something more affordable in terms of quality-price.

I'm not saying that it's bad, its price is simply much higher than the quality it offers in my opinion.

It has several cons to take into account when buying it or not, so you have to think carefully about it.

That was the entire review, I hope you liked it, I loved doing it to be honest, any question or doubt, even constructive criticism, is accepted in the comments, have a good time vaping and thanks for reading !


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