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Vape Places that Give Discounts to Vets.


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Since I have not seen a thread for this I figured we should start a list of online places that offer Veterans a Discount on Products Rigs/Juice
So post here lets support those that support us. Disclaimer I am Not Paid to compile this list I Am doing this to help us all out and I am not "Brand Loyal".

1. Vaporfi- if you call and show proof of service you will get a discount on items
2. Vapor Authority- Sometimes if you call they will give one but its hit or miss.
3. This one is older but still should work military_vu
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NicVape offers 10% (after form submission) on all future orders. They seem to specialize in DIY Mixing supplies and Premium eLiquids. I placed an order and hope their stuff is as good their comments on site and as they say.


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If your in the Sacramento Cali can swing by my shop. I give military discounts as well. I'm a service connected Vet and all my staff are Veterans or service brats.

Vape Sanctum and smoke in Fair Oaks CA.
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Halo gives 15%
ejuices gives 20%

Have ordered from both and received good service and quality products.
My local shop in Oklahoma City always gives a 10% discount for veterans and a free 60ml on Veterans Day. I realize that probably doesn't help most of you, though.

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