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Hey y'all! Well, we're here at VaperSlam and this is one helluva meet! It's HUGE!!!!! Mooch and Freeze have done a fantastic job with this one!

We've got tons of samples of our two latest creations with us so if you want some Clockwerks Custard and Monkey Spunk, and you're at VaperSlam, just find me OUTSIDE of the event and tell me, "Watch, gimme that Monkey Spunk!".......(of course, you don't have to say that specifically, but it's funny as hell if you do!"

If you can't find me somewhere outside the main room, swing by Embassy Suites room 516 and, if I'm there, I'll be happy to hook you up!

Just to be clear, if you find me anywhere except inside the event room, I'm happy to hook you up with samples of BOTH Clockwerks and Monkey Spunk.


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Lol. Be careful of the public restroom and having people ask you for Monkey Spunk. Might not be what you expected!:p
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