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Vaping Conventions/Shows Information Needed

Uncle Mike

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We are trying to put together our show schedule and want to make sure all shows are considered. Here are the shows we are aware of, please reply with any shows that are not on our list.

Vapebash-Chicago-Apr 17-18 (confirmed we are attending)
Summit-Vegas-Apr 30-May 2
World Vapor Expo-Miami-May 29-30
Vapexpo-Ann Arbor- June 5-6
Vapor World Expo-Rosemont- June 17-18
VaporCon West-Vegas- July 10-11
VapeCan- Toronto- July 24-25
ECC-August 14-15
Vape N'Ville-Aug 21-22
VapeMania 15-Winston-Salem-Sept 4-5
Vapefest-Miami-Sept 18-19
Vape on the Coast- Orlando- Oct. 17


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I'll be at the one in Ann arbor

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